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Sure. Take it off and your body will return to normal.

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Q: If you change your mind about Ortho Evra can you remove the patch within the first day or two?
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When was the first Ortho Evra Birth Control patch invented?

Ortho Evra was approved by the FDA in 1992.

Which color pill of Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo do you take first?

The white pills come first when taking Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo.

What is the difference between Yaz and Ortho-Novum birth control pill?

First, Ortho-Novum is a brand, not a specific birth control pill. Yaz has a different progestin in it than the Ortho Novum pills on the market as of 2013.

Is it possible to miss your period after missing only one pill?

Ortho-tri-cyclen has the effect of missed periods within the first 3 months. If 2 or more pills in a row in the first 3 weeks it possible to skip a cycle.

What color pill do you start on for orthotricylcen?

The first pill of the Ortho Tricyclen cycle is white.

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When should you start using the birth control patch?

WHEN TO START If this is the first time you are using ORTHO EVRA, wait until the day you get your menstrual period. The day you apply your patch will be Day 1. Your "Patch Change Day" will be on this day every week. You may choose a "First Day Start" or a "Sunday Start" as defined below: First Day Start: Apply your first patch during the first 24 hours of your period, which will be considered your "Patch Change Day." If the Patch is not applied within the first 24 hours of your period, you must use back-up contraception, such as a condom, spermicide or a diaphragm, for the first week of patch use. Sunday Start: Apply your first patch on the first Sunday after your menstrual period starts

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