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the factory alarm remote may need to be re-programmed it olnly involves a series of ingnition turns and button pushes on the remote but you'll need to contact the dealership for specific instructions

The manual that came with the car tells you how to reprogram the remote , and if you don't have one the manual can be downloaded from in PDF form.

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Q: If you changed the battery on a Ford Escort and then keyless entry would not work and you could not shut the alarm off how do you fix this?
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How do you reset Kia Spectra 2006 keyless entry?

Need to reset alarm on my 07 Kia Spectra because I just changed the battery.

Does keyless remote red light automatically come on when battery is changed?

Im not sure if you're talking about remote starters or alarms, but the alarm light did pop on when I changed the battery in my 95 Jeep GC Laredo. All I had to do was lock and unlock the doors a few times to reset the system.

Where is the alarm reset button on a Dodge Journey?

On your keyless remote.On your keyless remote.

How do you stop the alarm system from draining battery power on your 1995 probe without the keyless entry?

To shut off the alarm u need to stick the key in the trunk and turn it this will turn off the alarm

How do you disabel a 97 camaro's alarm when you lost the keyless entry car won't start plese help low cash?

first you cut the power wire to the alarm which should be connected to the battery and then you disconnect the battery fo at least 10 minutes

Can you have a car alarm without remote keyless entry?

Yes, you can have a car alarm without remote keyless entry. You can read more at or

How often do you replace battery on car remote?

im guessing that your talking about the alarm/keyless remote. You will find that you have to get closer and closer to the car to be able to unlock it. You should replace the battery when you have to be within about 10ft from the car.

How does putting in a new car battery affect a Viper alarm system?

well i have a viper 5000 and i changed the battery and nothing changed im not sure about other viper alarms though

Alarm going off in Lexus rx300?

Car alarm in Lexus ES300 started going off at random when car was parked, not running. I changed the key fob battery (flat watch battery) with a new battery and it fixed the problem.

Why did the alarm and radio as well as the cigarette lighter stop working in 1997 Ford Escort LX after changing battery?

check the fuses in the cab of the car

What to do if your keyless entry system dosent work-- and you cant manually lock your car because when you do the alarm goes off until you unplug your battery please help?

Have you checked your fuses?

New battery installed in vw new beetle now it won't start and horn honks for 1 min. what do I do?

Your alarm needs to be reset. Look in the manual for instructions. The alarm was probably arms when you changed the battery an now the alarm computer is thinking that it is being triggered by the ignition.

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