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No you dont. no. you can still catch all the other ones. besides some like palakia. Unless you trade him.

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Is there a fourth Pokemon to choose when you start Pokemon diamond?


How can you catch the legendary beasts in Pokemon firered?

The starter Pokemon you choose determines which legendary beast you can capture. If you choose bulbasaur, you can catch Entei, the lion Pokemon,if you choose squirtle,you can catch Raikou, the tiger Pokemon, and if you choose charmander,you can catch Suicune, the cheetah Pokemon. (You have to beat the Elite 4 and have the national pokedex)

What is the 3 legendary in Pokemon Diamond?

It depends. There's Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, or Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, But if I had to choose, I'd say Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf.

What is the best starter Pokemon to choose in Pokemon diamond?


What do you do in pokemon ruby after the legendary pokemon wakes up?

You battle it and you choose whether to catch it or not.

Were do you get a shiledon on Pokemon diamond?

From the fossil that you choose.

How do you get a piplup in diamond?

Choose it as your Starter Pokemon.

How get a tirtwig in Pokemon diamond?

You have to choose it as a starter

How do you find turtwig in Pokemon diamond?

Choose it as a starter.

How do you get turtwig on Pokemon Platinum?

You choose it as your 1st partner Pokemon.If you didn't choose Turtwig then you will have to tradewith overs that have Pokemon pearl, diamond or platinum.

If this is your first time to get a DS and he wants to play Pokemon what it recommended to buy Pokemon Diamond Pokemon Pearl or Pokemon Platinum?

if he has played a Pokemon game before and beat it, give him platinum. Platinum is much harder then diamond or pearl. If he can't choose, ask him if he likes attack or defense. If he says attack, give him diamond. Diamond's legendary is offensive. Pearl's is very defensive. So if he says defense, give him pearl.

In Pokemon diamond can you choose what level you get Pokemon with the modifier cheat?

Nope.. only in Platinum.

Which Pokemon should you choose in diamond?

id recommend piplup

Where to find a tutwig diamond?

You have to choose it as your starter Pokemon or get it in a trade.

Dawn's Pokemon in diamond and pearl?

If you choose turtwig then her starter will be pliplup.If you choose chimchar she will choose turtwig.If you choose plipup she will choose chimchar.

Who are the three Pokémon in the start of diamond?

The three starting Pokemon to choose from in Pokemon Diamond are: Chimchar(Fire), Piplup(Water) and Turtwig(Grass).

How do you trade from sapphire to diamond?

You need to complete Pokemon Sapphire and Diamond and in Diamond you will need the National Dex. Go to the title screen of Diamond and press Start, then choose "Migrate from Sapphire" and follow the instructions. Choose the 6 Pokemon you want to migrate to Diamond, then confirm your choice. The 6 migrated Pokemon will be in the Pal Park and can be caught with 100% catch rate.

In Pokemon diamond what Pokemon can beat psychic type?

I would choose a Dark or Ghost type

How do you get a chim char on pokemon diamond?

Chimchar is a starter pokemon so you can choose him with Barry at the beginning.

Can you link diamond and Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yes put leafgreen in the GBA slot in your DS and put Diamond in the DS Slot play Diamond and choose migrate to leafgreen follow the instructions then choose six Pokemon to migrate after your done go to the pal park to capture the 6 Pokemon you chose.

How do you breed Pokemon from Pokemon FireRed to Diamond?

To breed Pokemon from Poekmon Fire Red to Pokemon Diamond you must put Pokemon Fire Red into the DS slot, turn the game on, select Pokemon diamond, press start and then in stead of pressing your file, scroll down until you see migrate from Pokemon Fire Red. This will bring you to your Pokemon Fire Red PC box and you can choose six Pokemon to migrate. After that you must go to Pal Park on Route 221 and catch those migrated Pokemon there. Don't worry, even if they're legendary, you catch them in one try. - BEWARE - POKEMON MIGRATED TO DIAMOND CANNOT BE MIGRATED BACK

How do you get a capsule on your Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

go to the PC anywhere and choose your PC.then click on ball capsules.

How do you teach a Pokemon TMs in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

go to your TM pocket,choose a TM,choose a Pokemon that has able under its name,then if it has 4 moves delete one.

How do you get Charmander to learn beat up in Pokemon Diamond?

go to and choose action replay codes for Pokemon diamond i think you'll find the cheat.

How can you get a turtwig on Pokemon Diamond?

You must choose it as a starter or trade over from peril.

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