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The order of orgasm has no bearing on whether or not you can get pregnant. Orgasm of either partner is not a requirement to become pregnant.

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Q: If you come before the guy and then he comes in you can you still get pregnant?
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Can you still be pregnant and your period come on and still feel pregnant?

Typically if you get your period you are not pregnant.

Could you get pregnant 3 days before your period and still come on?

clarify joymaker rn

Can you still get pregnant even do a female did not come?

Can a female still get pregnant if she didn't come but the male came in you

Can you still come on your period and be pregnant?

yes you can still get preggers while on the monthly

If the boy has not ejaculated can you still get pregnant?

Yes, because sperm can come out before ejaculation. While it is less likely, there is still a chance that you can become pregnant if no other method of birth control was used.

Will breast milk come before pregnant?


Can you get pregnant 2 days before your period and have your period still come?

No. Having a period means you aren't pregnant. If you were, the blood would wash it out. Most women get pregnant mid-way beween their periods.

Does B come after C?

no it comes before

I have done two pregnancy test and they have both come out negative and my period still hasn't come could I be pregnant?

yes you are pregnant

Just got off implanon and still havent came on period can i still get pregnant without knowing when im supposed to come on?

Yes, if you're not using birth control, you can get pregnant, even before your first post-implant period.

When a cow becomes pregnant do they still come in heat?

No, the cow will not go into estrus after she becomes pregnant.

If you take 2 pregnant test and they both come out neg could you still be pregnant?

is possible

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