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Perhaps, but it's also possible that your comments simply make her 'hair aware' or something like that. :)

2006-07-26 07:46:42
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How do you use compliment in a sentence?

The customer never failed to compliment the cashier on her appearance. The stage actress always appreciated a compliment on her performance.

What is a compliment starting with letter j?

He/She is always so jubilant or joyful.

How do you make a girl happy and still like you?

Be really sweet, compliment her and always be there for her.

What do you call giraffes feet?

Always compliment a giraffe. They are correctly referred to as feet, with "hooves".

What is the ISBN of Always Running?

The ISBN of Always Running is 0-671-88231-7.

Do guys only compliment a girl when he's interested in her?

It depends, is he your friend? And what did he say? Also it depends on what kind of guy he is, does he compliment others often? But no matter what compliments are always good =]

Why its always boys have to complement girls they don't compliment?

That is a load of rubbish. You may know 1 girl that does not compliment, but most girls do. In your case, it may be that there's nothing to complement.

Which program is always running in client server?

Server program is always running in client server.

How is gerund used?

Always as a noun: object of a preposition direct object appositive subject subject compliment A gerund will always end in -ing.

What is the past tense of Lauren always wins running races?

Lauren always won running races.

Why is he always accusing you of cheating?

Hi, He probably is afraid of losing you and really loves you. If your boyfriend/Hubbie does this its a compliment!

Will ultraviolet light pass through ordinary glass?

Saucony running turbo shoes are the best for women. My sister has a pair of these and is always out running in them. They look very comfortable and hip, and fun to wear in any weather.

Why does a basketball player need to be quick?

you need to be able to dodge in and out through people and its always good to build up the momentun whilst running =)

What color will you get by mixing Purple and yellow?

Brown. Any colour that is mixed with its compliment always turns out being Brown

What are the release dates for Always Running - 2011?

Always Running - 2011 was released on: USA: 6 October 2011 (limited)

What are some common ankle injuries from running?

The most common injuries to the ankle from running would be either a sprain, or ankle strain from the force of running on a hard surface. You should always do warm up exercises before running, and always wear a proper running shoe.

What animal always running late?


What actors and actresses appeared in Always Running - 2011?

The cast of Always Running - 2011 includes: Matt Hemmer as Crazy Joe McCullough

An angle and its complement are congruent sometimes always or never?

Sometimes. An angle's compliment is simply what other angle would it take to add up to 90 degrees. If the starting angle was 45 degrees, then its compliment would also be 45 degrees.

Why the head lights of your Chevy silverado 1999 are always on?

They are daytime running lights. They are always on so people can always see you. Its a safety thing. Newer trucks have specific daytime running lights.

Will the angle always be 60 if its twice as large as its compliment?

The sum of an angle and its complement is always 90 degrees. There's only one way for one of them to be twice as large as the other one.

Is running out of the base line on third out considered a force out?

Running outside of the base line is always an out.

What year was the book always running banned?


Should the fan always be running in your 1999 expedition?


What is the rising action in the book always running?