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Co-signing a note means you will be legally liable if that person can not pay.

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Q: If you cosign a car loan for someone and they while under suspension could you be in trouble too?
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Does a cosigner have to be physically present to cosign a loan?

That would depend on the rules and procedures of the loan provider. If the cosigner alleged that the signature was not theirs, it could create a problem if the signature was not properly witnessed.

What if the cosigner has two car loans and a mortgage can they still cosign?

They could still cosign. It would mainly land on the bank to see if they would approve this person as a cosigner. More then likely they would if they have a mortgage as well as 2 other car loans that are up to date. This person probably has very good credit and all they'd need is a good amount of funds coming in to get approved.

Can you co-sign for a car loan if you went bankrupt?

It is possible that you could cosign an auto loan after you filed bankruptcy. It is not likely though. It would depend on a number of factors, not the least of which is your current credit number.

If you need a cosigner for a loan and you have someone with a credit score of 700 who will cosign but they only made 12k last year will they be approved?

The credit score could indicate that the person is responsible in their financial dealings. Unfortunately the salary amount would not be favorable. Many lenders will, however, look at the overall financial picture of the cosigner; for example the person's debt to income ratio, potential for increased future income, etc.

Is your home in jeopardy if you cosign a car loan?

In the event the loan defaults, and the lender obtains a judgment against you, AND the judgment is also defaulted on, the lender could petition the court for an order to sieze or liquidate other real property. The likelihood of this is small, and the occurrence of it is rare, but it is possible.

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