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Any Warmblood...they are very well tempered

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What is your perfect horse breed for a starter?

There is no perfect horse breed for starters.It depends on how the horse acts.I am a professional horse trainer and I would say its best to choose an older horse that is trained well and knows what to do.

Palomino are they a good breed?

Palominos are not a breed of horse, they are meerly a color pattern. If you are looking for a good 'breed' of horse, first figure out what you want done with the horse. Ex. If you are looking for a horse to barrel race, a Percheron would not be your best choice (a quarter horse would be better suited). If you want a dressage horse, do not choose a Norwegian Fjord (go for a Freisan, Thoroughbred, or Cleveland bay)

What horse breed eats the least?

I would think that would be the miniature horse.

What breed of horse is the safest?

I would say quarther horse but people have there opion there really isn't one breed of horse that is the safest

How big can a horse get?

A pony becomes a horse at 14.2 hands high .Your horses height depends on its breed .it would depend on the breed of horse

What breed of horse will you get if you breed an Arabian- quarter horse to a quarter horse paint?

The off spring would be 3/4 Quarter horse but would not be a breed. Actually, if the Quarab (QH x Arab) is registered with the Quarab horse registry and the QH/PH was registered as a PH, then you could register the offspring as Quarab or Painted Quarab (a Paint horse version of the Quarab. By the way, the registry of Quarabs has reasonable prices and you can look up it on the internet.

What is the breed of horse known as the Sunday afternoon horse?

The breed of horse is the Tennessee Walking horse because preachers and families would ride the beautiful horses to church on Sundays

What is the most common horse breed?

That would definitely be the American Quarter Horse.

What breed of horse was Hidalgo?

I would say Hidalgo is a Mustang Paint Horse.

What horse breed might be one of the three stooges?

That would be the Curly horse.

Is Arabian a type of horse?

An Arabian is a breed of horse but it was the first breed of horse every horse has a little bit of Arabian in it so if you say that Secretariat was a FULL throughbred that would be wrong he would have a little bit of Arabian in him

Every Horse Breed in the world?

This would be difficult to list here, but this website has just about every horse breed known to mankind.

How much do young palomino horses cost?

Well palomino is a color and not a true breed, so therefore it would depend more on the breed of horse, sex, age, height, bloodlines, and training that the horse has. You could get a palomino colored horse for most any price.

Which horse breed was originally called the English Cart Horse?

I think that would be the Cleveland bay horse.

What is a furry black heavy built horse called?

a fresian horse. that would be its breed.

Is a horse heavier than a pony?

it would depend on what breed the horse/pony is, for example, a heavy horse breed will in most occasions be heavier than a pony but with a light weight horse breed there will be some pony breeds that are heavier. hope that helped :)

If a female and male horses are different breeds how do you now what breed the foal will be?

It really depends on the breed of the mare and stallion. Normally, the foal would just be a cross breed, but, for example, if you bred a quarter horse and an Arabian, the foal would be classed as a Quarab. Or, if you breed a warm blooded sport horse with an Irish Draught horse, the foal would be classed as an Irish Sport Horse. Hope this helps! :)

What is the worst breed of horse?

This would be an opinion question. Everyone has their favorite breed, and a horse that suits one person may not suit another.

What you should name a breyer horse?

You can name your horse what ever you would like. Something facny, or something smiple and cute. Its up to you. You can use color, breed, and looks woth helping you choose a name also.

What was the most famous breed of horses?

That really depends on where you're from and where you live. In North America, likely the most famous breed of horse would be the American Mustang, followed by the American Quarter Horse. In the Middle East, the most famous breed would be the Arabian horse.

What breed of horse is the tallest?

moragan m is the tallest horse!

If you cross a friesian stud to an Arab mare what would you classify the breed as?

The horse could be registered as a 1/2 Arab with the Arabian Horse Association. If the parents are approved for "warmblood" registration, the foal could be eligible.

How many people can fit on a horse?

It depends what breed of horse the horse is, Usally for a Pony it Would Be 2 People.

Can a male horse breed his own mother?

Yes technically he could but horses are smart enough to not do that as the foal would be mentally handicapped

What is the slowest breed of horse?

ALL HORSES ARE DIFFERENT. There really is no one breed that is slowest, a horse in one breed could be slower than the next. However, some breeds have a reputation for being lazy. For example, almost every Paint horse I've ever met (including my own) have a particular laziness. ANYWAYS... in answer to your question, it would probably be (on average) some breed of pony.