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Q: If you could get lost into your partners eyes Does it also mean if there staring right back into yours they really do like you?
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If you feel like someone who hates you is staring at you and when you look across it looks like them and their friend is staring at you does it mean they are talking bad about you?

It could be, I've had some of both, yes and no. It could mean that your 'someone that hates you' is saying something bad about you, but your friend could be just listening to that person, or, if your friend agrees that whatever bad the other person is talking about you is right, then your 'friend' is probably not really your friend. You should try talking to your friend about it.

The right of partners to have the first opportunity to buy a deceased partners share is the?

Right of first refusal

Can your teacher stop staring at you and picking on you?

If the teacher is staring at you, stare right back at them. If they are picking on you, ask them why they are picking on you and do everything they say and when.

Why would a boy who claims to hate you stare at you often?

You do realize he could be staring at you with hate, right? Or maybe, he simply said that to cover up the fact that he likes you.

If you ask a guy are you in love with me and he says yes could he be serious?

it depends on the guy and how he acts.Is he a joking kind of guy or serious.Also what was his body language.If you asked him and he was looking you in the eye right in front of you staring at you then he could be serious!

Can highwaymen be women?

They could of been but there is no really right or wrong answer to this.

How can a girl tell if shes still in love?

by staring u right in the eye

Is Jesus heard you an allusion?

Not really but in the right context it possibly could.

What is the right of globalization?

Global Rights's motto is 'Partners for Justice'.

What does 405 friendly mean?

It means they are really friendly and could be the right one for you

Who is the actor staring in AT and T verses Verizon Commercial on TV right now?

Luke Wilson.

How does the Jack in the box toy work?

twist the handle, then pop! the jack in the box is staring right at you!!!!!!