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No. But as a word of caution, I would not recommend cracking your back unless it happens naturually by doing normal and gentle stretching.

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โˆ™ 2007-05-13 12:13:38
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Q: If you crack your back do you stop growing?
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If you crack your fingers does it somehow make them stop growing?

Now, if you are still young and growing, your fingers will stick grow even if you crack them.

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How do you stop a tree stump from growing back?

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Can cracking your back make you stop growing?

no,It just makes it slower to grow

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10million times

How do you crack your back?

you can crack your back by bending your arms to your back from the sides, and in the middle of your back with your two fists push and it should crack

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When you grow up you will stop growing.

Do trees stop growing when they get chopped off?

Most trees will grow back except conifers, they usually have a hard time growing back. Fast growing deciduous trees will almost always sprout back when you cut them.

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Eyes don't stop growing. Eyes don't stop growing.

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No. The growing part is in back of your nails under the skin. The part that you paint is dead.

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Of course, that's why people pluck them, to stop hairs growing back where they don't want them to.

How can you stop the growing of a Aussie Salix tree at the height that it is now?

yOU CANT STOP THEM FROM growing but after about 8 months it will stop growing.

When do your teeth stop growing in?

Your teeth stop growing after they are an adult tooth.

When do Yorkshire Terriers stop growing?

when do yorkshire teriers stop growing

Why does your hair never stop growing?

Why does your hair never stop growing?

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After your cat stop growing!

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Eventually they do when you reach a certain age where you stop growing.....So YES feet do stop growing! EVENTUALLY!

If you wax long enough will the hair stop growing back?

The only way to permanently remove hair is to undergo laser hair removal. Even if you wax long enough, the hair will not stop growing back. It might take a little bit longer for the hair to grow back but it won't stop hair growth.

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