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until code is set again

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Q: If you disconnect battery on your mini cooper will service engine soon light stay off when battery is reconnected?
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Does mini cooper battery?

I will assume you mean "Does a Mini Cooper have a battery?" Yes, they do.

What type of battery in 2005 MINI cooper?

2005 Mini Cooper replace car battery. Alternative to MINI part

How open mini cooper key for battery change?

You can change the battery in your Mini Cooper by releasing the hood lock located on the bottom portion of the dashboard. The key to unlock the battery cover should be on the side of the battery cover.

Cost on mini cooper battery?

$166.45 at Mini Cooper Dealership, but you can buy it at Western Auto for $145.99.

How do you reset service light on 2007 mini cooper s?

how to reset the brake service indicator on mini cooper s 2011

Charge the battery of your mini cooper?

Purchase a simple battery charger like a Battery Tender, or a Ctek. Follow instructions.

Where can you buy a battery for a 2004 mini cooper?

Batteries Plus

What gauge of cooper service wire for 200A service to meter box and service panel?


What is the best battery for 2003 BMW M3 e46?

a good light weight factory type battery would be the mini cooper battery or the CSL m3 battery

How do you replace the battery in a 2004 mini cooper S?

The battery should be in the hatch compartment (behind the rear seats), under the floor mat. Disconnect the negative terminal (black), then the positive terminal (red). Remove the battery, and install the new one in the same position. Reconnect the positive terminal, then the negative terminal. NOTE: The terminals are also designated by plus or minus symbols.

How do you get into a MINI cooper s with dead battery?

Use your key in the door.

Is there any programming and coding needed after you change a battery in a mini cooper?


What has the author Irving M Cooper written?

Irving M Cooper has written: 'Accounting services for small service firms' -- subject(s): Accounting, Service industries

Can you use a battery charger to power a mini cooper while changing the battery to avoid problems with the onboard computers?

Not necessary. No problems will be encountered when changing the battery.

What actors and actresses appeared in Friendliest Mini Cooper Service - 2011?

The cast of Friendliest Mini Cooper Service - 2011 includes: Laura Kearsey as Voice of Stephanie Stefanie Kleine as Service Advisor Stephanie Kleine as Service Advisor

How do you change the battery in mini cooper keyless remote?

To change the battery in the Mini Cooper keyless remote, it is necessary to first open the device. This can be done by removing the key chain and gently prying the seam at the opening end apart. Now the battery is accessible for easy replacement.

Was the first battery made of Cooper paper in salt water and silver?


Will my mini cooper s lose power if the battery light stays on?

yes. most likely it has something to do with your alternator not providing the battery with electricity.

How expensive is mini cooper service?

You really need to know that the mini Cooper will cost you more for maitnenance and repairs then the sticker price.

What does the engine warning light on a mini cooper mean?

service check ?

What characteristics helped martin cooper?

Martin Cooper had a vision that a phone could be carrier around and powered by a battery. His characteristics that helped him achieve this vision was determination and persistence.

Will changing the battery on your Mini Cooper affect the radio?

It will delete the pre-programmed radio stations.

Where is the battery in a mini cooper?

Its in the boot of "S" models. First generation normally aspirated models have it in the battery box under the hood on the drivers end of the engine.

What type of battery does a 1984 mini cooper use?

If the car has a 10 or 12" spare wheel then you can fit a Group 34 battery in the standard battery box. you might need a 34F which has the posts reversed if your positive battery cable won't reach the battery post.

How do you get into a locked MINI Cooper with a dead battery?

On my 2004 Mini Cooper I jacked up the car and removed the power steering fan (two 13mm nuts) to gain access to the battery terminal on the starter solenoid (the one with the battery cable). I attached a battery charger to the terminal and powered the door locks long enough to open the driver's door. It's tight fit, but I have large hands and was able to do it.