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Depends on your company and situation. There are too many variables to give a good answer. I would call and ask. Just give them a hypothetical and see if your rates will change. Remember, they work for you, and you have no reason to fear them. You can always take you business elsewhere.

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Q: If you do minor damage to your own motorcycle should you tell your insurance company?
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Do I need to have a motorcycle license in order to obtain motorcycle insurance coverage?

If you are attempting to get motorcycle insurance that means you probably have a motorcycle and should have a license for it. An insurance company will not provide insurance unless you at least have a motorcycle permit.

Can you cancel motorcycle insurance if you sell motorcycle?

Sure, you can. The insurance company should pay you a pro-rated refund after you cancel the policy.

Does Georgia law require you to add someone from another state who does not live with you to your motorcycle insurance if they ride your motorcycle?

you would have to call the your insurance company but if the person has insurance it should be fine. I know my insurance company covers me for everything its based on the company you are with.

What happens if you get into a motorcycle accident and you dont have insurance and its your fault in Florida?

You are responsible for the damage you cause in an accident, regardless if you are insured or not. Having insurance transfers your responsibility to pay for the damage from you to your insurance company. If there are injuries to the other party, then the other party's insurance should pay for their injuries, but you are still responsible for the property damage you have caused the other person.

What is the cheapest insurance company for motorbikes in Australia?

The cheapest insurance company for motorbikes in Australia can't just be determined, one should get quotes from different insurance companies in Australia such as motorcycle-insurance.

Who is responsible for damage to car when being towed by company car?

towing company should have insurance

What should you do when a biker runs into your car and does damage?

Contact your insurance company to see if they can repair your damage for free and get the bikers insurance details and their name and adddress if your insurance needs them.

Will motorcycle insurance cover track use?

Normal Motorcycle Insurance will probably not cover Track use if in doubt you should ask your Motorcycle Insurer they will probably be able to arrange extra cover for your Motorcycle Insurance for a premimum.

Does Morethan insurance offer motorcycle insurance?

"Morethan insurance does offer motorcycle insurance. You must first apply and get approved for this type of insurance depending on your age, driving history and type of motorcycle. You should also ensure you shop around."

What should you do if your townhome neighbor's water leak damaged your wood floor?

Assuming you have insurance, you should first of all tell your insurance company about the damage. If you have insurance your insurance company should repair the damage for you (at no charge to you) and it is up to them to ask your neighbor to pay for the repairs.However, it is also important that you politely tell your neighbor about the damage (to ensure that the leak that caused it is fixed) and that you are going to ask your insurance to fix the damage.If you have to pay an excess on your insurance policy claim, you can ask your insurance company to recover this from the neighbor for you - if this is not possible to do you will have to pay this excess and may have to pursue your neighbor for it yourself.If you have no insurance, and the damage is definitely caused by your neighbor, you should politely ask him to repair the leak then ask him to pay for the damage to your floor caused by it. You may need some quotes for the work to show your neighbor. If he refuses to pay, your only recourse is to go to court to make him pay. Depending on the scale of the damage this may or may not be worthwhile. It is much easier if you have insurance!

What factors should be taken into consideration when purchasing insurance for motorcycles?

When purchasing motorcycle insurance, one needs to think about one's self more than the company or the motorcycle. A person's age, gender, accident history, and medical records can all influence the cost of insurance.

If you are sideswiped and the other vehicle keeps going and you do not have their info do you report the damage?

You should always report damage to your insurance company, even if you do not have the other party's information. Your insurance company can conduct and investigation and will still possibly pay for the damages.

Will the other insurance company pay for my damages if i don't have collision and it was not my fault?

It should if they have property damage liability.

How do you know if a house has water damage?

If you cannot visibly see the damage then you should order a house inspection, or talk to your home owners insurance company about this situation.

Can your car insurance cover your medical if you were involved in a motorcycle accident?

If your motorcycle was a scheduled vehicle on your Insurance Policy then you should be covered. If you were on someone Else's Motorcycle then their insurance policy should cover your medical. If neither coverage is available then you could look to your major medical policy or HMO for medical coverage.

I need an insurance form?

you should go to the insurance company or they should have it on their website.

What part of your insurance covers someone running into a fence?

The person's collision insurance should cover the damage to their car, and their liability insurance should cover the damage to the fence and property. If they have no collision insurance, they will have to fix their car on their own.

Should my neighbor's insurance cover for my damage?

If your neighbor is responsible for the damage, yes. If not, no.

Does comprehensive auto insurance cover damage from road debris?

It depends on the terms of the insurance and the type of damage to the vehicle. Contact your insurance agent for the terms of your insurance. In general, it should.

Insurance company refusing to reinsure because of unregister camper in yard is there a distance in feet which let me get insurance.?

This question should be directed to your insurance company. They are the one's that make that determination.This question should be directed to your insurance company. They are the one's that make that determination.

Where can I find motorcycle insurance in Illinois?

Any good insurance broker would be able to provide the proper motorcycle insurance in Illinois. You can also go to a website such as the one for Liberty Mutual that should be able to provide you with coverage.

What can you do if an uninsured driver hits your house?

File a loss notice with you Homeowners insurance Company. You should have no problem getting the damage to your home covered.

Lien holders filed a claim on my insurance after they repossessed my car- They told the insurance company that I was in an accident- The truth is I never was. Is this legal?

What they (probably) told your insurance company is that there was damage to the vehicle when they repossessed it. You should get in touch with the company or your agent and find out how extensive and what kind of damage the lienholder reported. You see, the lienholder might have reported damage you decided you could live with, something you were not aware of, or even something which happened subsequent to them repossessing the vehicle. Find out what the damage is, first...then work on putting together a defense. If it is nothing more than a cracked windshield, it should not effect your future premiums.

What are some tips on Compare Motorcycle Insurance?

Some tips on Compare Motorcycle Insurance come in three steps: step one start one's quote, then one should collect different insurance providers to compare, and finally one should choose the best insurance which suits one's needs.

Should homeowners insurance cover cars in garage fire?

No, unfortunately it does not. Your homeowners insurance covers damage to your home. Your auto insurance covers damage to your car.