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I find that advil works great for tooth pain/pressure. You may wish to call around to different oral surgeons to see if you can find a good price. Many offer reasonable payment plans as well.

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Q: If you do not have insurance is there anything you can do at home for the pain from wisdom teeth that should have been pulled 11 years ago?
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What foods to eat after wisdom teeth pulled?

Anything soft

Is it OK to get braces if your wisdom teeth may come in soon?

I don't know if it's OK. I have braces myself and my wisdom teeth are coming in right now. Unfortunatly, I have to get them pulled, if anything that's what would happen. You should wait until the wisdom teeth come in, and then get them pulled, because the metal bands may not fit around the wisdom teeth, and most people have more comfort when their wisdom teeth are pulled. I have braces and my wisdom teeth came through and my otho hasn't done anything to them.

When should you get your wisdom teeth pulled?

They should only need to be pulled if they are causing a problem. If there is no problem then they are perfectly good teeth to keep.

Can one drink alcohol before getting one's wisdom teeth pulled?

how long before getting one's wisdom teeth pulled should one drink?

Do you have to have to get wisdom teeth pulled?

Wisdom teeth really should be pulled as soon as they come in.The human mouth does not have the capacity [room] for them.Usually your dentist will explain this to you when you visit.

Should you get you wisdom teeth pulled?

If you have a lot of room in your mouth, there is no need to. if before you get them your mouth is kind of crowded, they will probaly get pulled

Can you smoke weed after getting your wisdom teeth pulled?

After having teeth pulled, one should refrain from smoking anything, including marijuana, until the site is fully healed. Not waiting heightens the risk of infection in the mouth and gums.

Can you smoke marijuana after getting your wisdom teeth removed?

Now that would not be wise. Your not supposed to smoke anything for at least a week after getting your wisdom teeth pulled out.

Can you have your wisdom teeth pulled if you are anemic?

Yes you can have your wisdom teeth pulled if you are anemic. Depends on the severety of your anemia and/org what type of anemia you have but unless you have the problem of unstopable bleeding if you get a cut then there should be no problem.

How long should you wait to smoke cigarettes after getting your wisdom teeth pulled?


Is it normal to have constant migraines 5 days after having wisdom teeth pulled?

No, having migraines for 5 days in a row is not normal at all after having your wisdom teeth pulled. You should contact the dentist right away.

How long should you wait to smoke after having a wisdom tooth pulled?

i wouldn't smoke at all.

Can I drink carborated drinks after wisdom teeth pulled?

You should wait at least three days.

When should bleeding stop after wisdom teeth are pulled?

first 2-3 days after surgery

You are scheduled to have your wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow but you have an abscess tooth right next to it Can you still get the wisdom teeth pulled?


Do you get your wisdom teeth or molars pulled?

Normally, the wisdom teeth--if present--will be pulled. One hopes to retain the molars for life.

When is it ok to smoke anything after having 2 bottom wisdom teeth pulled?

5 - 10 days after being taken out.

You are getting your wisdom pulled out can you get your braces right after?

For me, they put my braces on, not putting brackets on the ones being pulled, they few months later they pulled out the 4 wisdom teeth.

Can you play footy after having your wisdom tooth pulled out?

Yes you can, wisdom is not required.

Why are your lower teeth hurting on the same side I just got my wisdom tooth pulled?

u got your wisdom teeth pulled out dummy

How soon after you get your wisdom teeth pulled can you eat hot foods?

You should not eat or drink anything hot until the local anesthetic has worn off. While you are numb, you risk severely burning your mouth.

Should you have a wisdom tooth pulled?

If there's a valid reason. For example, sometimes wisdom teeth don't have room and will cause damage to the teeth in front of them if allowed to grow in.

How do you treat infected wisdom tooth?

Get it pulled out.

Is it possible to have no wisdom teeth pulled out?


Can you fly after having your wisdom teeth pulled?