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WHY are you even paying notes to someone who has no secutiry interest in your vehicle?? You can be ONE day late and be in default of whatever "contract" you have that convinced them to loan you money. Be Real

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Q: If you do not nor ever had a contract with a financer of your car how late do you have to be on your payment for them to repo?
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How late do you have to be on your payments before the financer repossesses your car in California?

Butch, read your contract. Most say only that you have to be in DEFAULT. Sooo, your answer?? ONE DAY.

You were late on your lease payment and your car was repode do you lose your trade in?

you defaulted, a contract is a contract and you have lost your trade in

How late does your payment have to be before your car can be repossessed in Florida?

Its NOT a matter of HOW late, just that you ARE late. Read your contract. That should explain when you are in DEFAULT.

Can repossession happen for being 10 days late on a payment?

Repossession can happen any time after a payment goes late; it all depends what the initial contract states.

Can a vehicle be repossessed if the payment is 21 days late in New York State?

READ your CONTRACT. IF the contract is in DEFAULT, the collateral CAN be repossessed.

How long before they can repossess you car in Virginia?

The lender can legally take the vehicle one day after the payment is due. That is, on the day the payment is late, the lender can begin repossession efforts. The day the payment is late, the contract is void.

How late does the debtors payment have to be before it is considered for repossesion?

Legally? One day. Some loan agreements will have a late payment period that might be ten days. Read your contract for specifics.

Can a car be repossessed if you are late making the remainder of the down payment but have been on time making the car payment?

YES, making the down payment is part of the contract and you are in default on it.

Can your car be repossessed if the payment is two weeks late?

READ your contract. If you are in DEFAULT of the terms, you can get repoed.

Can a vehicle get repossessed if your first payment is 15 days late?

Read the fine print of your contract carefully. I have never heard of a vehicle leasing/purchasing contract NOT having a first payment default clause.

What law is broken when a mortgage company charges a late fee when the payment was received within the grace period?

None ! It's up to the customer to read every part of the contract they're signing. If the company has made it clear in the contract what will happen if your payment is late, then you have no recourse for complaint.

Can someone repossess your car if the payment is 3 days late and it is not stated anywhere in the contract and you do have insurance and all other payments are made?

payment late?? then its NOT on time and in DEFAULT. WHAT is not stated in the contract??? No lender is going to repo a car when only one payment is 3 days late. If you have made all the payments on time and you are only 3 days late, and they repossed your car, you need to contact the lender and see what is going on. Something is not right here.

Can your car get repo cause the payment is 40 days behind?

That depends entirely - on the conditions of the contract YOU signed ! If it says your car will be reposessed if your payment is late - there's absolutely NOTHING you can do about it !

Can you be evicted if you are late with the full amount of rent but r making payments?

Vague, confusing question. If the LL accepts a late partial payment, he can still sue the tenant for non payment. UNLESS he writes new contract stating he will not do so.

Is it legal without notice to repossess a vehicle in Indiana for being 12 days late on one payment?

Depends entirely on what the contract you signed says. If you are 1 day late they may be able to repossess the vehicle if that is what the contract says and what your state laws are regarding repossessions. Read your contract.

If you cosigned on a loan and they are constantly late on their payment can you take legal action and ask that she refinance the car?

Nope... You signed a binding contract.

Can a lender repo a car in Pennsylvania if the person is just one month and 7 days late on his payment?

Check your contract for anything special, but I see no reason why they cant.IF you are in DEFAULT, YES, they can repo. no you were more late then your saying I bet. Legally, a lender may contract your vehicle for repo at midnight the day youre payment is due. Most wont, but legally they can reposess your vehicle the day after your missed payment

Can a bank repossess your car for being 2 weeks late with a payment?

Read your contract. It likely says the lender can repo anytime you are in DEFAULT. Two weeks late is unusual, but they could repo when you are 1 day late.

What are the laws on reposession in the state of Colorado Pretaining to the time limit of seizure of a automobile due to late payment.?

Legally and according to the agreement you signed, there may be a grace period that is clearly spelled out in your contract. After that window of time, they can immediately seize your automobile due to non payment. Often if the first payment is late, they will seize the automobile immediately.

I owe 4 payments on a car but the total left on the car is more than the 4 payments the bank said that it is like that because of late payment fees can they repo if i pay just the 4 payments.?

Late payment fees are agreed upon by you when you sign the finance contract, yes you owe the additional money as long as their addition of the fees is within the guidelines stated in the contract.

Can a buy here pay here auto dealer repo your car if it is less than 30 days late on a payment?

Read the contract you signed. They very well may be able to repossess the car if you are 30 days late. Depends on the contract and your state laws. Legally you have defaulted on the agreement if you are 1 day late.

Can I repo a moped i have sold somebody if half of the payment still owed and late and there is only a verbal contract?

Yes, and no. Yes, if you are able to get it back, I'd say go for it, but as you have no written contract, no, you can't prove anything.

Can a vehicle be repossessed because the payment is 15 days late after 4 years of payments and only 3000 dollars owed?

If you are in DEFAULT of the contract, the collateral can be repoed.

How long does a creditor have until they repossess a vehicle?

A creditor can repossess a vehicle at any time after a default(late payment, lack of insurance, etc.) occurs on the contract.

Did Mary Byrne get a contract?

yes on the late late show she said she was recording a contract with syco company.