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If you do not use your credit card?


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Then why did you get one in the first place? UPDATED answer by ConnieU If you don't use it, they won't send you a new card when this one expires.

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credit card you can use tomorrow

NO! you donot need to use your credit card

If you mean a credit freeze, then no, you will not be able to use the card.

you may not use a credit card in some places, but you could use a debit card

No. You have to use a credit or debit card or pay cash inside.

You can not use a credit card, but at some place you may be able to use your debit card.

You can take cash on your credit card and use that to load a debit card but why? You can just use the credit card. You will be paying charges either way.

a credit card that is secured by a deposit of your own money

A lender can use a credit card in various different ways. They lender can issue the credit card and make money from the interest. The lender can also take credit card payments from the borrower.

it is a card that is no longer valid you can not use it all cards have a experation date on them A credit card you can't use.

You can use either a credit card, debit card or PayPal when shopping online.

The use of a deceased person's credit card would constitute credit card fraud. Unlawful use of a credit card is a criminal offense.

You can use paypal to purchase online but not for credit card payments. You can't use "credit" to pay "credit".

It means a credit card company wants to put you into debt by giving you a credit card you can use.

"Credit" sounds very good, that's why they call it a credit card. When you use a credit card, you go into debt. Yes, that's as bad as it sounds. So don't use a credit card. It will cost you an arm and a leg, perhaps literally.

The overpayment will sit on your credit card account until youeither use your card to pay for items and use up the overpayment or you claim it back from the credit card company.

No, they can't accept that the credit card company can make the rule to change. A minor may be able to use an adult's credit card if the credit card owner has officially authorized the minor to use it.

buy a iTunes gift card is considered credit, but just use a credit or debit card if you have no gift card

They will offer you a low introductory interest rate which will encourage you to use your credit card.

A secured credit card is a card on which you load money to be used by you. You will know if your credit card is secured if you must put money on it to use it.

"can i use my wife credit card without her knowing, my name isn't on the card is that considered identity theft

it should be your own credit card. you can't use others credit card! or if you do that you will be permanently banned from fantage

I don't have an exact answer but for sure Chase and Capital One don't take credit cards. You can use credit card checks but no direct debit from credit card.

no, i didn't have to use my credit card.

Do you use a pi number to purchase with the credit card or cash

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