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If you download a song and it doesnt give you a warning that there is no licence does that mean its legal?


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2005-10-06 14:16:55
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your Irish licence takes precedence. if it is endorsed you should not drive. if the licence is revoked - doesnt exist any more - that could be a different matter, but all depends on the reason your Irish licence was withdrawn. you should seek legal advice

You download music for free-- That is not legal at all. So no, it is NOT a legal site to download from.

you can drive...if you have a licence...that should be it you can drive...if you have a licence...that should be it

without a licence it is.

not if your a repo person with a licence

I think that it is legal if you have a licence other wise it is illegal

You can not download legal video game roms.

No you have to have a motorcycle licence , licence plate, and motorcycle registration through the MVD.

Not without a proper licence.

whenever you get your driver's licence

Yes, but you need a licence and this is difficult to obtain. You have to be 18 and you can only get a gun licence for sporting purposes.

in my opinion yes, it is legal to download music from youtube

It is legal to smoke,grow or possess certain amount of weed if you have a licence from the Government.

No it is not legal No it is not legal

15 with adult 16 with licence

It is legal to download a file for use as a backup IF you already own it.

The minister or Justice of the peace will send off the marriage licence,but to obtain a legal name change you have to send off for a certified licence.

German Shepherd's have always been legal... Australia and UK required a licence as they were thought of "wolf dogs". In the middle 1900's they no longer needed a licence.

it is not legal in Canada and id considered a real firearm.But if you have a licence it is legal might be the best legal place you can download.

yes it is absolutely legal to download torrent until the government band it.........

It is not legal to download Halo 2 from Media Fire.

No, it is not legal to download music from FrostWire. Unless the torrent link is provided by the band or producer, it is not legal to download.

NO pocket rockets are not legal in Arizona. They are legal if the pocket rocket has: lights, mirrors, state registerd, and if you have a motorcycle licence.

No it is not legal but that doesnt stop them from still using it

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