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I am a musician and am very happy to have people download my music for free. How else will I ever become known??? Particularly as I write in the alternative genre in a country (Australia) without a huge industry.Way less than 1% of acts ever get signed and of those few earn any money from record sales. In fact it is common practice for companies to sign up bands and NOT promote them in order to stop competition with their existing bands.I could go on and on about the corruption of the recording industry (sony make a lot of money from weapons commmunications sales)I have started to self publish on Limewire to use it as a promotion tool.This is the only future for the recording indusrty, they need to get with it, music is a right not a privilege so yes you may be infringing copyright laws by downloading overseas music ( much like 'dubbing' onto cassettes was in the 80's)but only by lots of people doing it will the laws change....

AnswerDownloading any copywrited material from anywhere that you have not payed for is illegal, unless the artist has approved to free download. It is called stealing.

Correction: It is not always necessarily controlled by the artist, but more often by the licensor, such as ASCAP, BMI, or legal holding entities: attorneys, estates, trusts, etc. The artist in many cases prior to 1975 had/has little or no control over licensing terms. More recently artists have attained more control over licensing and some even promote free sharing of their work, even if limited by restrictions. Some examples include Dave Matthews and The Offspring.

Answeryes it is illegal but so many people do it and its not called stealing its just making the most of technology! lets face it no one goes out and buys every single in a shop - how much would that cost! and its not as if some of the artists need all the money the have anyway.


AnswerIt's not just other countries, limewire is illegal. We had to get rid of it because it was sending us viruses, and imagine if everybody used it; artists would sing, bring out a single, one person would buy it, make it available to everybody on limewire and then they get it for free. That artist only gets �1.99 after working hard for a year to release that single. How would you feel?Any legal music download company would make you pay for each song you download-if you don't know any of these companies try Napster, Tesco Download store, MSN music,, Wanadoo jukebox, Packard Bell music station or Tiscalli music. All of these have been aproved of and are definatley legal. If limewire was legel then why would it be such a ridiculous price for all the songs you the world? Also, you could be fined from �1,000 to having your computer taken away. Who wants that.Think about it before you break the law and let down your country aswell as all the song artists out there who have worked hard.
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Q: If you download songs from other countries using LimeWire is it still illegal?
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Is downloading video files with LimeWire illegal?

Downloading with Limewire or ANY other p2p software is not illegal. Its illegal to download Copyrighted material.

Is it illegal to use LimeWire plus?

It is completely legal to download songs videos, etc. from the free limewire or any other version of limewire.

Has anyone been prosecuted for using LimeWire?

It is not illegal for anyone to use Limewire. It is simply illegal to download copyrighted files on Limewire, and the only people who may be charged for this is the original downloader. When other Limewire users download the existing file, it is simply called "file sharing," and it is most definetly not illegal., no one has been prosecuted for using Limewire-just for downloading coyrighted files on to Limewire. If you aren't copyrighting anything, you have not broken the law, and have simply participated in file sharing.

Is downloading movies from LimeWire or other sites illegal if you have already bought that movie?

supposedly, it now is from limewire. download the frostwire player is from thesame company, but itbypasses the new law.

What can you do that is illegal on sites like LimeWire?

You can't do anything illegal directly on the Limewire website. You would have to download their program, Limewire. This program will let you (among many other things) download copywritten files illegally and share them with other people. If you don't share copywritten files, you can't get caught. And even if you do share, your chances of winning the lottery are better than your chances of getting caught. -DJ Craig

Where can you purchase a LimeWire download?

One can purchase a Limewire download at their official website. A Limewire download may also be acquired at other websites such as Kioskea and DownloadSquad although Limewire's official website would be the best trusted option.

Is it legal to use LimeWire if you only use it for your own personal use?

It is illegal to download songs from Limewire whether it is for your personal use, mass distribution or any other reason.

What is the Best music and movie download service?

Well you can use Limewire or Frostwire but there is only one problem! The music,movies and images you get of there are copyright and illegal! You may want to look for some other site to download stuff like that. Well you can use Limewire or Frostwire but there is only one problem! The music,movies and images you get of there are copyright and illegal! You may want to look for some other site to download stuff like that.

What is the point of LimeWire if you can't download music legally?

Limewire IS legal. Just don't download copyrighted material. * Limewire can be used for sharing and downloading many types of files other than music.

How do you record music to your mp4also how can i download songs from my computer to my mp4?

To do this just go onto limewire. One type of limewire is free and the other type you have to pay. you download the music of limewire to your computer and then download it to your mp4. HOPE THIS HELPS

Where can you download free songs other than LimeWire?


What other music sites like LimeWire can you download for your mac?


How exactly does LimeWire or any other filesharing application damage a hard drive or iPod?

It doesn't, unless you download a virus or a file with a virus in it. But sharing a copyrighted song or movie is illegal.

Is mp3 rocket illiegal?

MP3 Rocket is not illegal. Nor is it illegal to use. It is however, like limewire, illegal to use to download material for which you have no copyright for (i.e. If you buy a CD, you can download the mp3 tracks from the CD - provided that they are created from the CD and not some other medium, like a compilation- or if the MP3s being downloaded are public domain then it's fine).

How can one download Limewire software for free?

The peer to peer file sharing computer program LimeWire can be downloaded from a plethora of places on the internet. LimeWire can be downloaded from the official LimeWire website, or from other websites like CNET.

Can we download utorrent files through other download softwares?

i kno limewire can do it, and i think the browser Opera too

Where can you download WWE entrance MP3?

limewire itunes or other sites like that

What are some illegal downloading sites other then LimeWire?

well there are bittorent, frostwire bearshare but they are illegal and can get fined good luck

How do you take music from LimeWire and put it directly onto an ipod or mp3 player without having to download some other program or do you have to download something answers please?

All I use is iTunes and Limewire. I just download the music on limewire and drap and drop it into iTunes then sync my ipod. Hope I helped :D

How do you install LimeWire onto mac osx?

Go To, Download Limewire For Mac OSX and install it like you install any other program.

What is the best online source to download LimeWire for free?

Due to a court order, Limewire is no longer available from Limewire LLC. The software will still be available from other sources, and other variants, like the open source frostwire, are widely available.

Are there any other free music sites like LimeWire?

Yes you can download music for free from other sites, By the way Lime Wire is not illegal however whatever you download over it is illegal. Go on You tube Converter which is probably the best and safest way to get all music for free. so go to you tube converter and you can download music to your itunes playlists for free without doing anything illegal which could get you in SERIOUS trouble

Where can I download Derek's Gold Mastery Guide for free?

I believe the downloading of this for free would be illegal.^Dont listen to this eater of other men's cornholes. Go to limewire and get it there. Who pays for stuff anymore?

Is MyTunes legal?

From some research, I was able to get this answer: Like the popular program Limewire, MyTunes uses a Peer to Peer (P2P) network to let you download files from other computers. MyTunes, as a program, is legal, since it does allow for legal transfers, such as somebody sending a friend a picture. However, as the name suggests, MyTunes is designed mainly for music transfers, which, as the website says, is illegal. In other words, the program is not illegal, but using it is. See the question below "Is Limewire illegal?" Before you read this, however, I want to set this straight, as it is a subject surrounded with confusion. Limewire is NOT illegal, but sending any copyrighted material, such as a professional song or movie IS. Be sure that you are not confused by people who say that the program is illegal in and of itself.

How do you download free music on your ipod?

Number one way: First download limewire. Then pick songs you want to download on limewire. After that download itunes. After that your music should be on itunes. You have to make sure your ipod is on windows format. Then you import the music on itunes to music or some other file on itunes. And there you have it free music. Yay! Number two way: You download itunes first and then limewire and the rest is the same.

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