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There's "no such thing" as negative calories. What people commonly call negative calories is just absence of calories or energy. (Like trying to explain zero) If you burn off the calories that you consumed for the day you then start burning excess energy (fat) that your body has stored.

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Q: If you eat 300 calories and then do an activity like work or soccer wich burn 500-600 calories then are all the calories you ate befor eliminated and now are negative calories?
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Are almonds negative calories?

No. They're healthy in moderation, but they aren't "negative calories."

What if you have a negative kvar reading?

A negative KVAR reading can be eliminated by adding an inductor to the circuit.

What food has negative calories?

There are calories in all foods.

What is the right relationship of calories and physical activity to the dietary guidelines for Americans?

eating more calories balances more activity

Does watermelon have negative calories?

yes it is negative calorie!

How does your body use calories?

Our body uses calories by doing an activity !

Does singing burn calories?

Any activity burns calories. But, singing does help burn more calories when you are doing an activity.If singing while standing, you will burn approx 2 calories per min, less calories burned when seated.

What is the right relationship of calories and physical activity according to the dietary guidelines for americans?

eating more calories balances more activity

Is is true that fruits have negative calories?

"Negative calories" refers to food that requires more energy to digest than they actually contain. There are certain fruits that are negative calories. Use "google" to find a list.

Best activity to burn calories?

the best excercise to burn calories is dance

Can you burn calories by screaming?

Yes. Any physical activity will burn calories.

How many calories are burned during everyday activity?

depends on your everyday activity...

What is the activity that burns the most calories?


How many calories do you burn doing 10 min aerobics?

The amount of calories you burn during physical activity depends on your weight and how strenuous the activity is.

Does frozen strawberries have negative calories?


What is food myth?

Negative calories.

Is cucumber negative calories?

There are calories in cucumber (irrespective of the 'negative calories' theory). All food provides calories. For the calorie content of cucumber according to portion size, both with and without peel, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions. In general the negative calories theory claims that it takes more energy (calories) to digest a food than the energy (calories) contained in that food. Whether this is possible and in that sense cucumbers can be "negative calories" is not proven either way.

How many calories in 1 ounce of celery?

There are actually negative calories in one ounce, as celery has no calories.

Why does your level of activity affect how many calories your body needs?

The higher level of activity you do the more calories your body needs because you are burning more calories. If you are doing a high level activity eat some carbs, they give you lots of energy that your body needs.

Why is doing physical activity healthy for you?

it burns your calories

What is the activity in which maximum calories are burnt?

Swimming. not sure

Does lettuce contain negative calories?


How many calories do you need to burn to loose 1 kg?

To lose 1 kg, you theoretically have to cut back on 3850 calories per week or 550 calories per day. Instead of cutting back on calories alone, you can burn some calories by exercising (see Activity Calculators for calories burnt for each type of activity).

Does cabbage have negative calories?

DOES CABBAGE HAVE NEGATIVE CALORIESI'm sorry to disappoint you but all foods have calories."Negative calories" is simply terminology that some people use when they claim that one burns more calories digesting a particular food than the calories contained in that food. In reality, it does not really work like that.If only it were so simple, nobody would need to be overweight!For the number of calories in cabbage, please see the page link given below.HOW MANY CALORIES IN CABBAGE

How many calories per minute are burned with moderate intensity physical activity?

3.5 to 7 calories