If you eat a cracker what is the sequential order of how you digest it from mouth to liver?


The first part of the digestive process in the mouth is initiated by the salivary glands which secrete a chemical called salivary amylase. This enzyme begins the digestion of the starches in the cracker into simple sugars. Then when it gets into the stomach it is called chyme and doesn't get digested further because the stomach only digests proteins. After it's been in the stomach for several hours, it goes into the duodenum, the first part of the small intestine, and this is where the pancreas adds pancreatic amylase, another enzyme, to help break down the starches from the cracker even further.

As far as the liver, it does not play a role in digestion directly. It's job is to convert the sugar, or glucose, into glycogen, which is a stored version of the sugar that came from the starches, or carbohydrates, that were originally in the cracker.


The liver also produces bile which flows into the doudenum for the digestion of any lipids in the cracker.

The liver is also involved breaking down glycogen from adipose tissue or muscle to glucose when your body is in fasting mode. Besides this, the liver also produces urea from protein, which is then excreted as urine.