If you fell in the hotel shower can you sue for negligence?

You will only have a successful lawsuit if you can prove that the hotel was negligent. My first question would be: "Why did you slip and fall?" Was there wax on the shower floor that made it slippery? Did you lose your footing and have no handrails to grab on to? Was the shower improperly designed as to create an unreasonable risk of injury? Merely slipping and falling in the hotel shower does not necessarily mean the hotel was negligent and/or liable for your injuries.

Because there are many theories of negligence that could apply to your case, and the law regarding slip and fall cases varies from state to state, you should contact a personal injury attorney in the jurisdiction where the hotel is located. I suggest that you choose an attorney who specializes in slip and fall (premises liability) cases. You can find a listing of these attorneys through any reputable online phonebook or through the American Bar Association. See the below link.