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Usually not. Your apartment building will have a master insurance policy in which this is covered under liability. Now, if someone falls inside of your four walls of your apartment, you can cover this under your rental insurance liability portion of your policy. A normal insurance company can get you a policy usually pretty reasonably priced.

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Q: If you fell on your apartment stairs is this covered by homeowners insurance?
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Is a 61 year old mother covered if she fell down stairs without a banister in her son's home and broke her ankle?

The homeowners insurance should cover the mom's fall.

I fell down my steps can I turn it into MY homeowners insurance?

You can turn it in, but it will be denied as there is no coverage for your injuries under the policy. If the stairs were not constructed propertly you may have a valid claim for the contractor, unless you have used the stairs numerous times.

Does homeowners' insurance usual cover the cost of any personal injury settlements if someone trips on my front steps?

"Homeowners' insurance often covers personal injury settlements if someone trips on your stairs. Because the amount vary, you should check your policy to see how much coverage you have."

Is there stairs in every apartment?

Probably. I've seen many stairs and elavators in apartments.

Are renters covered under home owners insurance I own a home and rent it out the tenant slipped and fell on the hardwood stairs is his medical and hospital bills covered under my home owners policy?

No, your renters medical bills are covered under their own major medical policy. Should your tenant sue you and you have the appropriate Landlords Dwelling Policy coverage with liability, your insurance company would cover the cost to defend you in court as well as any judgment rendered up to your policy limits should you be found liable for the tenants injuries. If you have only a homeowners insurance policy and failed to endorse your property insurance coverage for tenant occupancy then your home insurance is null and void and will not provide coverage for you at all.

I live on the 4th floor in an apartment & I am looking at foot surgery for lisfranc fracture. I won't be able to use L foot and will need transportation inc. stairs to/from hosp. & med apts. What are the options of med. travel for me/cost effective?

Is your insurance covering the surgery? Was it an accident? There are cases where your transportation might be covered. The most difficult aspect will be getting to your apartment on the fourth floor, if you building does not have an elevator.

You broke your ankle walking down your neighbors stairs. What does their homeowners insurance cover?

They would pay up to the limit of the Medical Expeses coverage for medical bills only. This coverage reimburses you for expenses that your personal healh insurance does not cover, i.e, deductible, co-pays.

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If you were moving a700lb safe down stairs for a friend and it fell on you and you developed 3 hernias would his homeowners cover your time off work from surgery and any left over medical bills?

An impossible question to answer on this venue. You must institute a claim against his insurance company to learn what his limits of coverage are.... if any.

Can you be sued by your mother's estate if she accidentally fell to her death down your stairs and if so would insurance cover it?

Family or not, you can be sued by your mother's estate for her falling down your stairs and dying. As far as coverage, you should contact your insurance agent and have them speak with the underwriter. Or call an attorney.

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How are punitive damages paid for?

Most times punitive damages are paid by the defendant and not by the defendant's insurance company. This is because insurance policies protect against accidental losses, like car accidents. Punitive damages are allowed only for intentional torts, which are not included in insurance coverage. If your neighbor falls down your stairs and gets hurt because you were negligent in some way, the insurance company pays for it. If you push him down the stairs, it will not cover the punitive damages you might get hit with.

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