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NAKEI, I dont KNOW the answer but I dont see why they would. How would repoing your car give you any income for the IRS to tax?? Is a collector/repo person threatening you?

No, the IRS will not take your taxes, on a repossessed vehicle or other property. However, the lender does have various legal options to get money owed them by an individual. This includes the ability to file a claim with the courts to garnish your wages and even your tax refunds.

You should check the laws in your state regarding "garnishment" because not all state allow for wage garnishment and that may also affect where your tax refunds can be garnished.

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Q: If you file Chapter 13 and change your mind and your car is repossessed will the IRS take your taxes for the car?
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How do you file taxes after chapter thirteen?

Same as always.

Does bankruptcy change how you file taxes?


Should i file taxes after discharge?

Yes. Bankruptcy does not change you absolute legal obligation to file taxes.

How many times can you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and can you claim taxes?

No limit

Can you get your repossessed car back if you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and start making payments?

You will have to ask your bank about that. They are in control now.

Can you file chapter 7 bancruptcy on back taxes?

Yes, although if the taxes are very recent (due within the past 3 calendar years) then they are not dischargeable. If you didint file taxes, then they are also non dischargeable.

Do you do file taxes if you filed a chapter 7?

Yes. And the court will likely want to see your return.

Do you get your vehicle back from repossesion after filing chapter 7?

Actually you can get your vehicle back if you file bankruptcy within 10 days of your vehicle being repossessed. Your attorney can file an emergency injunction if needed.

If your car is repossessed can they garnish your income taxes?

Not normally. They can however file a non wage garn and get your taxes when you deposit them into your checking or savings account. Usually only, government and state can withhold your taxes...i.e. back taxes, child support, student loans etc...

Can you file a chapter 7 from chapter 13 if you lose your job?

If you first were filing a chapter 13 you can change that to a chapter 7, it is called "motion to convert".

Do you have to file taxes if you are a student?

If you are 21 you have to file taxes

Have no money how do I file my taxes?

have no money how can i file my taxes

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