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AS long as the title remains in your name, you are liable for tags appearing on the vehicle..You should notify your local motor vehicle dept. of the ownership change.

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Q: If you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and do not continue to make payments on a vehicle older than 5 years old can you continue to get tags on it after the credit company has filed a lien on the title?
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What is a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a "straight bankruptcy" where the assets are liquidated. This differs from Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies, where the company is reorganized. For more information see the related link.

Whats the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a final liquidation of the company. Assets are sold off to pay debt. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a rehabilitation bankruptcy. The company (or individual) is given a chance to retain their assets and get their financial status back on firm footing.

Is Lewis equipment company in bankruptcy?

Yes it is in chapter 11

Can a mortgage company add past-due payments that were included in a chapter 13 to the amount owed on a house and increase monthly payments to make up for the amount added?

Absolutely not, once a debt is covered by chapter 13 bankruptcy. That debt and its interest rate can no longer be billed for.

Are vendors guaranteed payment selling a company in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

No, but generally they receive higher preference than unsecured creditors that issued credit prior to the bankruptcy, should the chapter 11 company go to chapter 7.

Could A company in chapter 11 bankruptcy be sued for discrimination?


If a loan is not reaffirmed in bankruptcy but you continue to voluntarily make payments can the loan company report you to the credit bureau if you're late with these payments?

According to my mortgage company, "no." However, the bad part is that you continue to accrue late charges and in the event you accidentally missed a payment, they don't make the standard courtesy calls. They cannot pursue the money once the BK is complete.

If a trucking company files bankruptcy and you are leasing a truck from them what is your responsibility to the company?

If your thinking you no longer have to make payments, your wrong. Your responcibility to the company is the exact same, it doesn't change because they filed for bankruptcy.

If your company is owed money from a company that goes into Chapter 11 what do you need to do?

If a company goes into a Chapter 11 owing your company money, you need to submit a claim to the bankruptcy court yesterday.

Can I file a chapter 7 bankruptcy and reaffirm my mortgages?

You can file chapter 7 bankruptcy and reaffirm your mortgage. Your mortgage company is not required to reaffirm your mortgage however, it is their final decision.

What companies will underwrite homeowners insurance while under bankruptcy?

What company will insure you when in chapter 13 if you home is not covered in the bankruptcy. If you have current insurance and the company is going out of business.

What are some companies in the US that specialize in bankruptcy services?

One company in the US that specialize in bankruptcy services is USABKServices. You can get information about or file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 online at this website.

When is the right time to invest in a company that is under chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

no time is right time to invest in such company

What is chapter 11 bankruptcy arrangement?

Each is unique. C-11 is a BK that allows a company to continue operating and reorganize it's debt and business, within limits, with some debts being discharged. A plan that can be accpeted by the court and creditors as to how it can do so must be submitted nd agreed o. Hence the unique nature. All prepetition debts are involved in the BK. The company must continue under the auspices of the BK court, and continue making current payments timely on ew debts, and payroll, etc.

Can a mortgage company continue to report your debt as late after the bankruptcy is confirmed and you have continued to make monthly payments on time?

Payments in the last 12 months are reported on your credit report. The BK 7 and the previously late payments will continue to show on your credit report, but eventually your ontime payments will be the ones showing. You may be able to get a statement that the house was redeemed in the bankrupcy, but all late notices for the past 12 months and/or a notice of foreclosure will remain.

Can you close your credit card account and continue to make payments?

No, what usaully takes place is that the credit card company freeze your credit card account and you continue to make payments

Did Lucent Technologies ever declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

no, they merged with a french company alcatel.

Shipping product after a company claims bankruptcy?

You can still ship a product to a company after they claim bankruptcy. They still have funds to continue running the business if they are doing a reorganization. If the company does not exist anymore, it would not be wise to ship to them.

Can you file a lien on a company after it has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy?

If the debt was incurred prior to the bankruptcy, then you cannot file a lien and your debt will be dealt with in the Chapter 11 plan of reorganization. If the debt was incurred after the bankruptcy, then any action you do take must be approved by filing the appropriate with the bankruptcy court first.

How does a client get their money back if the business files for bankruptcy?

It depends on the chapter they filed and the financial state of the company, most likey not, that is why the filed for bankruptcy, they have no funds.

Is Six Flags going to close due to Bankruptcy?

No, Six Flags filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy rather than Chapter 7. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is filed so that a company can restructure it's debt, eliminating much of it, and come out a stronger company. They may close some under performing parks or sell them to another corporation but the parks should remain open in the meantime.

What happens if car dealership files bankruptcy how do you pay for vehicle?

If a car dealership files for bankruptcy, someone will purchase the accounts receivable as part of the bankruptcy settlement. That person or company should contact you and tell you where to make payments.

What is the definition of a Chapter 11 filing?

This means that a company is on the verge of bankruptcy and if something in the company doesn't change, that there is a definite chance of going bankrupt.

Is Allen canning bankruptcy?

Allens Inc., the canning company, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in October 2013. They had more than $100 million in debt at the time.

The Two Major Corporate Bankruptcy Filings?

Just like people, sometimes a corporation accrues more debt than it actually has the ability to pay back. When this occurs, a corporation sometimes declares bankruptcy. However, corporations do not always use the same kinds of bankruptcy that individuals use. The two most common corporate bankruptcy filings are Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Chapter 7, which can also be used by individuals, is for businesses that are giving up entirely. If a company declares Chapter 7 bankruptcy, that company will cease operations immediately. At that point, legal ownership of the company is transferred to the bankruptcy court. When ownership of the company is transferred to the court, a lawyer will be appointed by the court to oversee the rest of the bankruptcy. This will include overseeing the closing of that corporation's facilities. It will also include a liquidation of the company's assets. The assets will be sold, and the proceeds of those sales will be used to pay back creditors that are owed money by the company. Chapter 11 bankruptcy, not used by individuals, is a bit different. Instead of the business being closed, the business is allowed operate normally during the bankruptcy. The goal of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the restructuring of the corporation so it can be profitable once again. There is also another potential benefit from this kind of corporate bankruptcy. All or a good portion of the company's previous debts and other obligations may be absolved. This is due to the fact that the goal of Chapter 11 bankruptcy is reorganization. Debt or other obligations that would force a company to go out of business may be removed to help that occur. Obligations other than debt that may be set aside by the court can vary. Usually this includes things such as agreements with unions on employee pensions and benefits, leases for real estate and other expensive contracts. However, even if a corporation attempts to enter Chapter 11 bankruptcy, there is still a risk that the company may be liquidated as part of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This can occur if a plan is not agreed upon by the corporation, its creditors and the court. If this happens, the only remaining options are either entering Chapter 7 or returning back to the company's pre-bankruptcy state. Since the company entered bankruptcy because survival without reorganization was unlikely, both choices are rather undesirable.