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I've had this done and of course your hair looks fantastic when the hairdresser does it. Before you leave that salon you ask her what is a good shampoo you can buy, good condition and a good mousse product. I use "IC Emotion .. Intercosmo ... Insolent Mousse." Comes in a lime green bottle. YOU must take care of your own hair when having your hair dyed until you see your hairdresser again.

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How can you grow your hair back after damage from hair dying?

Try to use a good moisturizer and hair serum. Get a deep conditioning treatment done at a hair salon.

Which is the best and leading ladies salon for keratin hair treatment in Dubai?

SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon is the leading professional hair salon in Dubai for a range of specialized hair treatments including keratin hair treatment. We have a team of expert beauticians for hair treatment Dubai who will help you get the best treatment for your hair available in Dubai. For more info please visit

How much does a hair chocolate treatment cost in a hair salon?

Around $35.00.

Does hair wax damage hair?

No, not if you bought it from your hair salon. Anything you purchase at your hair salon is safe for your hair. The wax, however can build up over time on the hair shaft if you do not shampoo it out well enough.

Is store brand hair dye as good as salon brand?

It's nowhere near as strong, but salon hair color can ruin your hair if you haven't been trained in its use. Home hair color won't damage your hair.

Does hair dye from the store hurt your hair?

no, if u have it died at a salon, its just as bad, it will only damage ur hair if u bleach it

Do hair spa with relax treatment can damage hair?

Yes! hHair spa damages hair.

How should you go about sueing a hair salon for hair damage from a relaxer?

Try contacting your state's State Board of Cosmetology.

How can you get your damage hair back healthy?

Use a deep conditioner you can find it at Target, Sallys Hair Care, even your salon.

Who does Brazilian Keratin Treatment in Maine?

The Brazilian Keratin Treatment is a straightener treatment suitable for damaged and unmanageable hair types. M and M salon offers the treatment in Maine.

What do i need to be hair salon oner?

A hair salon.

How do you get rid of vaginal hair?

You can rid of vaginal hair by waxing, shaving or by having laser hair removal treatment. You can carry out hair removal at home or at a beauty salon.

Which is the best hair salon in chandigarh?

how to care my rebonded hair.they thin and falling so i want to know best hair saloon in chandigarh for hair treatment.

Save On Your Hair Styling Needs With Hair Salon Coupons?

Going to the hair salon can make someone feel and look beautiful. However, going to the hair salon weekly or even monthly can put a major dent on your wallet. If you want to go to the hair salon but are struggling to pay, you can use hair salon coupons. With hair salon coupons, you can save a major amount on all of your hair styling needs. You can sometimes save up to half the hair styling charge with hair salon coupons. You can find hair salon coupons online or you can inquire with a salon nearby.

Does the keratin treatment work on already relaxed hair?

Keratin treatments will not work on already relaxed hair. Applying this treatment to relaxed hair could result in breakage and damage to your hair.

I need top grade hair treatment Dubai. Where can I go?

SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon is the best salon in Dubai to go for every type of hair treatment. They have professionally trained staff and they use the best quality products on their clients and ensure that all the products are safe for use.

Is Hair Oasis a unisex hair salon?

They have informed me that they are a unisex salon.

Will peroxide work if your hair is reddish brown?

peroxide has harsh chemicals that will damage your hair.. and will give you ugly hair.. bleach will help.. but i advise you to get it done professionally at a salon

Where is the hair salon in Pokemon soul silver?

the hair salon is in the goldenrod tunnel

When was Diego's Hair Salon created?

Diego's Hair Salon was created in 1965.

Who does Jordan Sparks's hair?

probably she goes to a fancy hair salon probably its a private hair salon for her

I need the best hair treatment in Dubai for my wedding. Where can I go?

Visit Keratin Treatment for professional hair treatment in Dubai. The leading hair care salon in Dubai offers a large group of skilled beauty experts trained to offer the best of treatments for your hair. Explore the services and make most of their popular treatments such as protein treatment, botox treatment, Brazilian treatment and more. For more info please visit

Where can you find someone to braid short hair?

your local hair salon/ braiding salon

Can I get expert assistance for keratin treatment done in Dubai?

Yes, you can acquire expert assistance for keratin treatment from Keratin Treatment Dubai, a one of a kind expert hair salon and service. The services offered not only helps individuals with professional keratin treatment, but also other hair services such as botox treatment.

Is going from red hair to brown hair with highlights damage hair?

Dying you hair in anyway will damage your hair. It has nothing to do with the color of the dye. If you dye it too much your hair will get frizzy and thin, if you are planning on dying your hair often and dont want this you can get a treatment called a brazillian blow-out or get damage repair shampoo and conditioner.

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