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I could be wrong here, but my feeling is that it is GONE. Why, it was part of the total deal just as if you had payed that much CASH down. It will be used up in the balance owed. You cant sign a contract, drive for a while and then say "I changed my mind, lets put everything back like it was." The deal is a deal is a deal. Good Luck

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Q: If you get a vehicle repossessed in Texas what happens to the trade in?
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Can you trade in a vehicle that is about to be repossessed?

Technically (and leagally) yes.

If my car has been repossessed can I still trade it in for a different vehicle?

No, you no longer have anything to trade (the car is now the property of the repo company not you).

Will a dealer allow you to use a car that should have been repossessed but was never picked up as a trade-in?

If you cannot produce a "clean title", you cannot sell or trade the vehicle.

Can you trade a vehicle with if you don't have a job?

Can you trade a vehicle if your only source of income is unemployment?

If you're getting divorced and can't afford the car payment anymore but still owe a lot on it so can't trade it do you just let it get repossessed?

thats what happens 99% ofthe time.

Does even trade on a vehicle exist?

Yes it does, I just traded my vehicle for another vehicle even trade and didn't have to pay taxes on it in Florida.

Can you trade in car before repo?

If the repo-man is looking for your vehicle, you do not own the vehicle yet. If you take the vehicle in for trade-in, they will have to contact the person who owns the vehicle to get permission to trade it (meaning whoever loaned you the money). Whoever they call is bound to mention that they are in the process of repossessing your vehicle. In alot of cases you need ownership of the vehicle and only a title can prove that to trade in a car.

What does the term tool of trade in commercial vehicle policy mean?

The term 'Tool of Trade' in regards to commercial vehicle insurance means the vehicle is needed to ply the trade (transportation of equipment, etc.)

Can you trade in a vehicle in California without the registration?

In most states, you can trade in the vehicle without it being registered. However, you do need a TITLE to prove that you own the vehicle.

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If you are late on a auto loan can you still trade that vehicle in?

Late payments will be deducted from trade-in value

Where can you buy repossessed cars in new Zealand?

How do you get your lights to stop blinking on and off on your 90 Buick LeSabre?

If you are driving when this happens, try to locate the loose connection around the rear of head lamp. If it happens when you arn't in the vehicle when it blinks. Run don't walk to the nearest dealer for a trade in.

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Does the buyer have to be at the trade of a vehicle when cobuyer trades?


What was the first real economy in Texas?

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Your vehicle was recently in an accident Can you still trade it in and where can you do this?

A dealer may be willing to accept it at a reduced Trade-in value

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Can you trade in your used vehicle that you bought 4 months ago for a newer one and if so does the dealer pay off the prior vehicle and still give you a trade in value?

NO. He will give you the difference in the pay off on the trade in and the trade in value. Stop right where you are. Sell the vehicle yourself and pay off the loan. Then go buy another car without a trade in. The price of the car will drop as soon as you tell them you have no trade in. You will be money ahead. Trade in value is basically wholesale value. You can sell the car for far more than that yourself.

Can you trade in a used vehicle for another used vehicle?

Yes, you sure can! Just always watch out for what type of used vehicle that you buy, and always check the Carfax of the vehicle before buying.