If you get chronic pain in your stomach after drinking fizzy drinks or fruit juice what can you do to prevent or cure it?


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Well, if you get hyper that meens you need to go to a Doctor fast because hyperness is a very bad things if your in a down mood and u drink fizzy drink it is actually good.. now lets go on to fruite juice

well some are very straight...


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You should constantly be drinking fluids when you have the stomach flu. Drinks like soda and carbonated water, help ease the upset stomach, while drinks like milk and other dairy, should be avoided

Club soda is a carbonated drink, all carbonated drinks loosen your stomach muscles and fat in that area is harder to burn. If you want to lose weight, stay away from it.

acids cause tooth decay u can prevent from drinking acidy drinks

Actually if calorie,sodas beer and hot drinks are replaced by hot water it can help reduce excess fats from the stomach

A person that has not been drinking can detect alcohol in your breath from even one drink.

Oh yes, 6 drinks in sequence is heavy drinking.

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from not going in out in cold weather and not drinking cold drinks from not going in out in cold weather and not drinking cold drinks

You can prevent cellulite by eating healthily and exercising regularly. Cut out food and drinks that contain fat and caffeine as these encourage cellulite. Drinking plenty of water also inhibits cellulite growth.

Energy drinks are mostly caffeine. Caffeine, especially in high doses, can cause shaking, tremors, high blood pressure, stomach upset, and even heart attack if you have too much. Cut back on your energy drinks.

By drinking alchaholic drinks

The driver who drinks and drives is to blame for drinking and driving.

Drinking non-alcoholic drinks and consuming food while drinking alcohol slows the absorption of alcohol into the blood.

Not with an infectious disease like the cold or flu, but it can irritate some stomach disorders and affect people with some specific underlying diseases.

Things that you can do to prevent burping include eating and drinking slowly, avoid carbonated drinks, avoid chewing gum and eating hard candies that might cause you to swallow more than necessary.

Typically binge drinking is men consume 5 or more drinks, and when women consume 4 or more drinks, in about 2 hours

Potentially, yes. Monster's are energy drinks and contain a lot of caffeine and other ingredients to mask fatigue and sleepiness, and drinking it in large numbers could give you stomach pain. Information on the side of the can should tell you how many it's safe to drink daily.

Moderate drinking refers to drinking alcohol without drinking excessively. This usually means that a person drinks small amounts on occasion.

they add air to the stomach

Pace consumption to one drink per hour, drink on a full stomach, alternate alcoholic with non-alcoholic drinks, and realize that the alcohol content of standard drinks of beer, wine and liquor are the same.

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Official drinking age is 18, but noone really cares if a younger drinks.

1}if you drink soft drinks your enamel is temporarly unprotected. 2}there is alot of fat calories in soft drinks

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