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    • wife gets the car in the divorce** she may have gotten the car but YOU got the responsibility of paying whats owed. "Getting the car in a divorce" is a clever ploy by attorneys to placate all parties, BUT, that doesnt change the LEGAL part of a contract. YOU sign, YOU pay.
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Q: If you get divorced and the wife gets the car then it gets repoed how do you get that off of your credit report?
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If a person gets their repossessed car back within a certain amount of time can the bank report it on their credit in Arizona?

If a person's car gets repoed, the bank can report it on their CR in any state. When they redeem it doesnt matter, its the fact that it got repoed that gets reported.

How can you get a copy of your spouse's credit report?

If you're married than its easy... your spouse just gets a copy of their credit report and shows it to you. If your not married (divorced) than you cant - its illegal.

When a car gets repoed and sold at an auction for less than its value can the leading company put a lien on your credit report for the balance?

The lender will get a JUDGEMENT for the balance due and put THAT on your CR. And then use their OTHER legal options.

Does your credit report get worse if you max out a credit card?

Your credit score gets lower.

What if your car gets repoed twice?

Then you should pay your bills.

What can happen if you finance a 20000 dollar car and don't make payments for a year?

the possible thing that could happen is your car gets repoed and your credit goes down the toilet for that mistake

How many points does a repo of you car put on your credit report?

OVER 9000 points gets added to your credit, but it makes your cards inert

How long before a debt gets wiped clean?

It is common belief that after seven years your debt gets wiped clean from your consumer credit report that is reported to all major credit agencies.

What happens to your credit if your car gets repossessed?

Your credit is severely damaged. Stays on your credit report for 7 years. Don't let this happen. Contact the lender and work something out.

Will an eighteen year old college student is an authorized User on moms credit cards will he have a credit report?

In general, no, having a card on his mother's account will not go on his credit report, for good or bad. If the student gets a credit card with the account in his own name, possibly with his mother co-signing, that will go on his credit history.

Can a credit provider report a guarantor to credit reporting agencies based on the defaults committed by the principal?

If you're talking about a cosigner, then yes. The cosigner's credit gets dinged also. Be careful about who you cosign for.

How does a free 3 credit bureau report work?

It gets you as report from each of the major groups in case one has the wrong or different info so you can try and fix it.

Does a repoed car have to be sold at auction?

No. Who ever holds the note gets to decide how the vehicle is resold.

If you made a couple of late payments on your apartment will this affect your cosigner's credit rating?

Yes, If the co-signer gets "dinged" on the credit report just like they where the signer

How do you check your credit without a credit card? gets you access to your credit report at each of the three major reporting companies. It is free and you can go there once per year. If you don't have a credit card there may not be much information there, but that is another matter.

How long do unpaid credit cards stay on your credit report in NY state?

Technically seven to ten years. When a credit card goes into default it gets written off on the creditors taxes as a loss and gets sold to a collection agency for 10 to 20 percent of the original loss. Down the line it gets sold from collection agency to collection agency.

What do you do if someone gets a hold of your credit card number?

First thing you do is call the card 1-800 number listed for that card and report a lost card. They will cancel the card and issue you a new one. Next, you contact the police and get a report and finally you order a credit report to make sure that there isn't more to this.

Who divied the roman empire?

The emperor Diocletian gets the credit or the blame for dividing the empire.The emperor Diocletian gets the credit or the blame for dividing the empire.The emperor Diocletian gets the credit or the blame for dividing the empire.The emperor Diocletian gets the credit or the blame for dividing the empire.The emperor Diocletian gets the credit or the blame for dividing the empire.The emperor Diocletian gets the credit or the blame for dividing the empire.The emperor Diocletian gets the credit or the blame for dividing the empire.The emperor Diocletian gets the credit or the blame for dividing the empire.The emperor Diocletian gets the credit or the blame for dividing the empire.

Is there legal recourse if your credit is checked without permission?

No. Companies often check your credit report to see if you match their offer for credit. Get on the privacy alerts services and they stop that from happening. I have LifeLock and no one gets to my files unless I want them to.

How can a landlord put unpaid rent on your credit report?

Untill you ever pay the rent or he files a lawsuit and gets you kicked out. I don't know what that answer means. Eviction cases are public records, and the credit bureaus go through every case, and enter the names of the parties and the judgment amount. The landlord can report the arrearage to the credit bureaus, but if he doesn't, it will likely make it onto the tenant's report anyway.

How do you remove adverse accounts from your credit report?

The first thing to do is to report any dispute you have on your report. The Bureau will evaluate and when proven the correction should be made, then they will correct it. However, the removal is not instant. It will take sometime before it gets totally eradicated.

Can you sell your car before it gets repoed?

Even if you could you would still owe the bank the money they paid for the car.

If you default credit card debt does our resume get rejected?

I don't see how defaulting in credit card gets your resume rejected. If you got the interview, pass the background check and the company decided to run a credit card report on you and you defaulted then they will not hire you. Resume rejection is only if you did not get the interview.

Why is good credit important?

If your credit report shows you dont pay on time noone will loan you money to buy a house or car or extend credit to you . A normal credit score in the US is normally between 300-900. A good credit score is considered to be around 800. On the other hand a bad scores is around 300 with the average credit score of an American being approximately 720. If you have a bad credit score, then you will need take action to rectify this before you decide to apply for more credit. Every application that gets rejected will be highlighted on your credit report and potential, future lenders will be able to see this.

How does short sell affect credit?

It all depends on how late or how many payments you were late when you start the short sale. In most cases if you get a successful short and your home gets sold it is a lot better than having a foreclosure on your credit report.