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You file for divorce in the state where you are a legal resident, regardless of where you were married.

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Q: If you get married in south Carolina and live in Indiana where do you file for divorce?
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If Am a jamaican and was married in Jamaica can you get divorce in South Carolina?


If live in South Carolina can you file for divorce in Georgia?

Why not at south carolina? As you are living in south carolina,it will be better for you to file divorce at carolina. The answer is no. You will have to file for your divorce in South Carolina but you have to have resided in South Carolina for at least one year.

Do you file for divorce if you are common law married in South Carolina?

There is no such thing as a common law divorce. However, you are not common law married until and unless you get a decree of common law marriage from a judge. The link below is a full discussion of South Carolina Common Law Marriage.

If married in South Carolina and now are getting a divorce in Georgia what state law do you go by?


Which state borders Savannah river on the west South Carolina or Indiana?

South Carolina i think it is Indiana for sure

After you file for divorce and the judgment is entered how long do you have to wait before you get married again in South Carolina?

as long as you have your Divorce Judgement papers, your new marriage can take place immediately.

How long do you have to wait to get a divorce after being seprated in South Carolina?

You will have to wait a period of one year , even if you are in South Carolina, before you can apply for a divorce.

What is the Divorce and marriage law in South Carolina?

That is too much information to post on the forum. The link below has a full discussion of divorce laws in South Carolina.

Which would take longer to travel from South Carolina to Canada or from South Dakota to Indiana?

South Carolina to the nearest point in Canada is nearly 1,500 miles. South Dakota to Indiana is only about 600 miles.

Can a married same-sex couple get divorced in South Carolina?

Yes. Effective November 19, 2014, same-sex married couples may file for divorce in South Carolina. Same-sex marriage is legal in South Carolina effective November 19, 2014, barring any future temporary stay or ruling to the contrary issued by the United States Supreme Court.

What if you live in North Carolina but got married in South Carolina how do you get a divorce?

Just go to the local court house and file. Location doesn't matter. It would help to consult an attorney in your state.

Who married a South Carolina trader?

There will be MANY people alive today that are married to South Carolina traders.

What is South Carolina's record in football against Indiana University?

Through the 2009 season, South Carolina and Indiana have met once in football, that being the 1988 Liberty Bowl. Indiana won that game, 34-10.

In South Carolina do you have to return your wedding ring when you divorce?

In most states, including South Carolina, you do not have to return your wedding ring when you divorce. If the marriage was consummated, you have done your part to keep the ring.

How do you divorce in South Carolina with child support?

South Carolina child support is calculated based on which parent has custody of the child and the relative salaries of the parents. In a divorce once custody is decided, then child support is just a standard calculation. For more South Carolina child support information and the South Carolina child support calculator, click on the link below.

What is the time difference between South Carolina and Indiana?

Most of Indiana is in the Eastern Time Zone which is the same time zone South Carolina is in. A very small portion of Indiana is located in the Central Time Zone, which is one hour behind the Eastern Time Zone.

A South Carolina married woman has left her husband and moved in with a single man in New York what kind of legal action can husband do to the wife and her new boyfriend?

File for divorce.

What is the distance from vincennes Indiana to Charleston South Carolina?

757 miles

Who won the Liberty Bowl in 1988?

Indiana over South Carolina

What are the divorce property laws in South Carolina?

Marital property in a South Carolina divorce is divided in an equitable manner. Normally that ends up being a fifty fifty split but in some cases it can be as much as 60 to one and 40 to the other. Click on the link below for a full discussion on the division of marital property in South Carolina.

How does it take for non contested divorce in South Carolina to be finalize?

90 days

How many same-sex couples have married in South Carolina?

At least 32 same-sex couples have legally married in South Carolina as of November 19, 2014.

Who did Indiana defeat 34-10 in the 1988 Liberty bowl?

South Carolina

Can you refuse to sign divorce papers in South Carolina?

you can refuse to sign divorce papers in any state that's you right as a citizen

Can two woman get married in south Carolina?