If you get pregnant and are covered by your spouse's work insurance would you be covered on the new employer's group insurance if he switched jobs?

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Yes, you should be since you were already covered prior to this. Although each state varies with this type of coverage. Even if he has a waiting period before he can enroll, he should get a letter from his prior insurance company showing that he had creditable coverage.
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Will insurance cover your nose job?

Answer It depends on your insurance and reason for having the procedure. Your nose job may be covered by your insurance if your procedure is enhancing the function of your nose (ex: relieving swelling, extreme sinus pressure, or breathing problems, etc). If your procedure is purely cosmetic, the ch ( Full Answer )

Can you switch to a spouse's insurance after losing your own?

%DETAILS% This depends on the individual insurance. I would call your spouse's insurance. I wouldn't say anything about why you lost your COBRA unless they ask especially if you are well now and expect to stay that way. In other words, you don't have a chronic condition. The less you say to health q ( Full Answer )

How do you switch to your spouse's health insurance?

If you and your spouse or partner are both eligible for employeehealth benefits, check out each company's health insurance optionsduring open enrollment to see which may cost you less. But As you know very well that there are so many health insurancecompanies that are available. So it would be bett ( Full Answer )

Will your new insurance cover you if the initial appointment was with your old insurance?

%DETAILS%\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \nWhy not?\n. \nWhat is the Pre-x clause in your policy?\n. \nIn CA a insurance company has to credit the time on a prior plan to the pre-x.\n. \nThe old plan only covers if your disabled...\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \nThe new insurance should cover the inc ( Full Answer )

Can you drop out of your work insurance plan at any time if your spouse's new job offers you better coverage?

Check and make sure that your spouse's employer does not require you to keep your insurance first. My employer requires that if your spouse has insurance available through their work they must get it or they will drop them from their policy. Yes. The problems come not when you drop a plan, but when ( Full Answer )

If you lose your job and primary health insurance but are also covered through your spouse's group plan are you still eligible for COBRA?

That would depend on if your spouse's coverage is group or individual coverage. If it is group coverage offered by your spouse's employer then NO. Cobra regulations specifically say that you are not eligible if you have other employer sponsored group coverage with one exception. That is if the other ( Full Answer )

If your wife switches from the insurance at her job to the insurance at your job will her pregnancy still be covered?

Perhaps not . If any agent tells you that your wife's pre-existing pregnancy is covered, get it in writing. Twenty-three years ago, I wound up paying the whole bill for my first child's delivery when my wife's employer changed insurance companies. The new company said they were not required to ( Full Answer )

Would masshealth insurance cover the braces?

Yes, with prior authorization and a determination of medically necessary (ie. not purely cosmetic). A MassHealth dentist/orthodontist can help with the process. Good luck. It's not a quick and easy process, but it is definitely worth it!

If you lost a job that had no medical insurance would a job that your 5 month pregnant wife is about to start be covered?

More and more insurances are beginning to cover pregnancy that is pre-existing.. The only way to find out for sure is ask the insurance or the company that she is going to work for should have someone that knows the insurance plans.. In a group insurance plan, pregnancy cannot be considered a pree ( Full Answer )

What does insurance cover?

Just about anything...I'm going to guess your asking about health insurance and the real answer is...it depends.. Here's the 2 things you want to look at before purchasing health insurance of any type:. 1) Pre-existing clause - standard clauses state that anything diagnosed or treated 12 months pr ( Full Answer )

When married are children covered under spouse's health insurance?

In order for anyone to be covered under anyone's health insurance, they must be listed on the policy and a premium must be collected for them. If your spouse did not include their names on the plan and no premium is being collected for them, then they won't have coverage.

Is key man insurance taxable to the person covered as is the case on group-term life insurance paid by an employer's company over 50K?

Key person life insurance is coverage on the life of a key employee and payable to the employer upon that employee's death. The purpose is to protect the company from the financial loss associated with the loss of the employee. Since the employee in no way benefits from a key person life insuranc ( Full Answer )

What insurance would cover ferdalistion?

I believe this question is asking how to cover your investments in gold based on your home owners insurance.. You ask him to right a ryder, just like ih D.C..

If you are diagnosed with ms while employed and insured by one company but want to switch jobs will the insurance at the new job cover you?

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act . The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted several years ago to address "Pre-Existing Conditions", which is what you are describing. HIPAA is very specific on how Health Insurance companies can treat you and AN ( Full Answer )

Why am I not covered for snowstorm damages after I switched insurance?

There are different coverages under an auto insurance policy like the liablity coverage,-(PPI) comprehensive coverage and collision. You switched the insurance and so the new car has only the coverage which you had opted for in your old car which might have been only the liablity - mandatory coverag ( Full Answer )

Will homeowners insurance cover a new roof?

Your question can be read in a couple of ways. 1. If an occurrence covered by a homeowners policy caused damage to the roof, it probably would be covered. If the occurrence that caused the damage was a type of occurrence covered by the policy, the damage would likely be covered. 2. Conversely, ( Full Answer )

If pregnant and change insurance which covers?

Answer As always it depends on the policy. Most of the time everything is covered by the policy that you're on on the day you deliver. Labs and ultrasounds generally fall on whichever policy was in effect on the date of service. Occasionally some policies won't cover prenatal visits prior to cove ( Full Answer )

You are 33 weeks pregnant and your insurance runs out at the end of the month-if you switch insurance will the rest of your maternity costs be covered by new insurance?

Finding insurance for pregnant women is not always easy because pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition. If you dont have coverage before you become pregnant, finding coverage can be expensive. here is an article that can help you find affordable health insurance while pregnant and get you ( Full Answer )

Will new insurance cover a damage roof?

They would cover it if the damage occured during the policy period. The damage would have to be sudden and accidental damage, not wear and tear.

Does insurance cover a driver who is not on your insurance?

Covered Persons Auto Insurance covers the Named Insureds as defined by the policy. It may provide property coverage as well as medical coverages. It will almost always provide Liability coverage. Some policy forms extend coverage to other permitted drivers while some policies will not. For exam ( Full Answer )

What would Esure Insurance cover?

Esure insurance offers four different types of insurance - Home, Travel, Pet and Car. Home insurance is normally building and or contents, travel insurance covers medical costs abroad, pet insurance covers vets fees and medications, and car insurance covers your car repairs in the event of an accide ( Full Answer )

How would you find out if your insurance covers invisalign?

you are able to find out if your insurance covers invisilign by by calling them on their own personal hotline and discussing it with them. Or try discussing it instore with a customer service representative.

Who is covered by Contents insurance for work tools?

If these are tools you use at work and not exclusively around the house then you will have no coverage for these items. If you are self employed, you should have a separate commercial policy that will cover these tools whether they are on the job or at your house.

Does homeowners insurance cover a new roof?

Most likely, however, you must first determine specifically what it is you're claiming. If your roof has become a victim of simple ageing, I doubt there will be any coverage at all....unless you're paying jolly exorbitant premiums. If it is damaged due to 'force majure' (an act of God), this may ( Full Answer )

Is your health insurance covered if changing jobs?

I'm not sure what you mean by "covered". However, if the company you are leaving has at least 20 full time employees, you can pay to keep your coverage under COBRA until your new employer's coverage kicks in. However, COBRA rates are quite high as they are the rates your employer pays. Most states h ( Full Answer )

Is a work trailor cover by homeowners insurance?

No a work trailer would not be covered by your homeowners insurance. Anything used in a business is not covered under your homeowners insurance. A trailer to be attached to a vehicle would be covered for liability extended from whatever it is attached to but physical damage for the trailer itself wo ( Full Answer )

Is a work trailer cover by homeowners insurance?

A trailer is not covered under a homeowners policy whether or not it is used for work. You need to purchase a seperate policy to cover this type of property for physical damage coverage. While it is being towed and attached to a vehicle the laibility coverage from the vehicle extends to the trailer ( Full Answer )

Can you get insurance to cover you at work if you have a DUI?

It is not easy to qualify for disability insurance if you have a recent DUI. The logic behind this is that you are at greater risk of suffering a disability if you are injured in a car accident and you are more likely to have a car accident if you have a history of DUI. If you are asking about wh ( Full Answer )

What illnesses would holiday insurance cover?

Holiday insurance will cover a wide range of illnesses including viruses, infections, accidents and tropical diseases. It might not cover existing illnesses and conditions though.