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No, viruses cause colds, not cold weather, or wet hair, or any other old wive's tale. We tend to get colds in the winter because we are cooped up inside with recirculating air. Also, humidity levels are lower in the winter which causes your nostrils to dry out and be more susceptable to infection. Wash your hands, get plenty of fresh air, and use a humidifier to prevent colds.

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Q: If you get really hot indoors and then go outside in cold weather can you get sick?
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If you get really hot indoors and then go outside in cold weather can it cause muscle damage?

no ur gay

How do you say the weather is cold outside in spanish?

I believe it is hace mucho frio fuera, if you are refering to the outside rather that indoors.

Does people get sick from cold weather or from indoors a lot more?


Can pet turtles survive cold weather?

Turtles are reptiles, therefore they require heat. They could survive cold weather indoors in a 24-hour heated room but they would not survive outside in the cold.

Does cold weather effect basketball bounce?

Yes, cold temperatures will lower the pressure inside the ball causing it to be less bouncy when playing outdoors. Of course, if you are playing indoors in a heated area, the cold weather outside will have no effect on the ball.

What are some fun weather experiments to try when it is really cold outside?

A good experiment to try, when it's really cold outside, is to buy a bottle of bubbles. Blow the bubbles outside and see what happens to them.

Do carnivores like cold weather?

No because they cannot tolerate frost and must be grown indoors during cold weather.

Should aloe plants be grown indoors or out-of-doors?

An aloe plant is mostly water and cold weather will cause cellular damage on the leaves if below 45 degrees or frost. When the weather drops to this temperature, return the plants indoors and in the spring, back outside again.

Why do they come indoors when the weather gets cold?

Because they like to be warm.

Can you get sick faster smoking outside while its cold?

Normally the cold weather will do you no harm if you are properly dressed for it. Otherwise you may suffer from hypothermia. Smoking will harm your health regardless of whether you do it indoors or outdoors.

Is it better to drink warm drinks when it's warm outside or cold drinks when it's warm outside and for cold weather?

It is better to drink warm drinks in cold weather and cold drinks when it is warm outside. When you drink a warm drink during cold weather, it helps to keep you warm.

How cold is too cold indoors?

Its to cold indoors when you get sick.

Why do your windows have condensation on the outside?

Because they are inefficient and cold due to conduction from indoors to outdoors.

Can a Labrador retriever stay outside in cold weather?

Yes, a Labrador retriever stay outside in cold weather without suffering any severe problems. A Labrador retriever can also be brought inside in cold weather to stay warm.

What websites can let you know if it is cold outside?

The websites which let one know if it is cold outside are Weather, Accuweather, Weather Bug, Intellicast, Wunderground, Metoffice, BBC/Weather, Metservice and many others.

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your not feeling well or its a weather front

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The climate that never has cold weather is the Tropical climate!

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The weather is really cold

Why can you see your breath outside in cold weather what phase change is it?

you can see your own breath? yes... when it's cold outside!

What is going on in Kentucky now?

It is winter and the weather is cold. Most recreational events are those held indoors.

Can really cold weather hurt a dog?

It depends on the dog, and how long it is outside. A dog that has a thin coat of fur and is otherwise not made for cold weather will be effected much more than a dog with a thick fur coat and bred to withstand the cold (such as a Husky). A dog, without proper shelter and warmth from cold weather can become sick.

Can gunite be applied to the pool when it is wet and cold outside?

gunite gunned in cold weather

When do we find frost and dew outside?

When it is really cold outside!!!!

Can a turtle live in Alaska?

Yes but only indoors, it would die in the cold winters if it lived outside.

What are the benefits of using treadmills?

The main benefits of treadmills are that they allow you to run indoors and get aerobic exercise. They can also be used indoors when it may be raining, cold, or snowing outside.