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You might have to give up your license. They might take it away. Depending on the state you live in.

AnswerYou may lose your license and have your auto insurance cancelled.

arrest you

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Q: If you got a ticket for speeding 95 in a 55 MPH zone and only have one other ticket on your record what is the worst that can happen?
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Will a speeding ticket in Maryland show on a NJ driving record?

A Maryland speeding ticket will be reported to new Jersey and it will be two points against your driving license. There are only a few states that do not report speeding tickets to other states and Maryland is not one of them. A Maryland speeding ticket attorney can often get a probation before judgment and that does keep it off your record.

If you live in Florida will you get points on your driving record for a speeding ticket in another state?

YES! How many points is determined by how fast you were going, & if the ticket involves other violations.

If you get one speeding ticket before the age of 21 and another after you turn 21 does anything happen to your license?

Other then the attached points, nothing.

Will a speeding ticket in Illinois affect your Indiana driving record?

Well I'm not exactly sure, but I know in Ky. if you get a ticket in any other state and pay the fine it does not go against your points or record. You can call your local clerks office and they will be able to tell you.

Can AZ send my radar ticket to Missouri?

If you get a speeding ticket in Arizona, Missouri will find out simply because each state shares records with each other. So if you get a ticket in one state and it appears on your record, it will appear on your record in all states. Under the Full Faith and Credit clause in the US Constitution, each state must respect the judicial proceedings of each other state. So if Arizona tickets you for speeding, Missouri must respect that.

Does a speeding ticket violate your probation?

Not usually, unless perhaps you were on probation for some type of traffic related offense - OR - there were some other charges associated with the speeding ticket (e.g.: Fleeing to Elude - DUI - etc).

Got a speeding ticket and two fix it tickets for 542 why is it so high?

It really depends on how fast you were going when you were speeding, whether there were any other tickets on record, and the amount of the repairs on your vehicle that were needed to be fixed (and whether you fixed them in time or not).

How much will a no proof of insurance ticket cost in Michigan?

There is not a ticket charge for a no proof of insurance in Michigan. You are given a ticket for other things, such as speeding.

What happens if you get a speeding ticket in a rental car?

Same as any other car. The ticket is issed to the DRIVER - not the CAR.

Will a speeding ticket in Ohio transfer to Michigan?

Yes, a speeding ticket in any state transfers to every other state. The system is interconnected by your social security and drivers license number.

Does New Hampshire report Speeding Tickets to other states?

Yes, all states report speeding tickets to all other states. This is how a warrant can be issued for your arrest if you have an unpaid speeding ticket in one state.

What happens if you get a speeding ticket in a construction zone?

In many states this can double your normal fine for speeding. In other states there may be signs that post the minimum fine you will get for speeding in a construction zone.

What would make your auto insurance go up?

If you get into an accident or get a speeding ticket your insurance will go up. I'm not sure about other traffic violations but speeding will.

What is the fine for a teenager with 2 speeding tickets in Ohio?

The fine for a speeding ticket normally depends on the actual speed, not on the age of the driver or how many other tickets you have.

How much is an Arkansas speeding ticket for going 40 in a 25?

It's going to vary depending on where you received your ticket and other factors such as wearing your seatbelt.

How long does it take for a speeding ticket to come off your driving record as far as the points are concerned in New York State?

The answer for California is 3 years. Other states may be different. Virginia is 5 years

How much will a speeding ticket cost in Virginia for doing 79 in a 60 zone?

When you go 19 mph over the posted limit, the fine is $146 in Virginia. The speeding ticket fine may include other offense that can raise the fine.

Will a speeding ticket from Ohio add points to your Kentucky driving record?

No! But it only applies to speeding violations. Any other violation (such as running a red light, DUI or reckless driving) will count against you. This is only true if you hold a Kentucky DL (non-commercial) and the speeding violation is outside of the state. If you ever get ticketed in KY with a KYDL it will count against your driving record. Also, failure to pay your out of state ticket will result in KY adding points to your record (not to mention honoring the other states warrant for you). KRS Chapter 13B 186.570(6) (6) The Transportation Cabinet is forbidden from suspending or revoking an operator's license or assessing points or any other form of penalty against the license holder for speeding violations or speeding convictions from other states. This subsection shall apply only to speeding violations. This section shall not apply to a person who holds or is required to hold a commercial driver's license.

How much do speeding tickets increase premiums?

$41.92 Just kidding. There is no way to tell you exactly how much a ticket will increase your premiums. It depends on how many tickets your have on your record, and many other factors that affect your premiums. Some companies will not charge you for the first ticket you get as long as it's a minor violation.

Will state farm ins rate go up if you get a speeding ticket in NY?

In general, insurance will not go up in New York or any other state if there is just one speeding ticket. However, multiple infractions will likely cause an increase in premiums.

Can your license be suspended for unpaid speeding ticket in Arizona?

Your AZ license will be suspended if you don't pay your speeding ticket (or any other ticket). See first related link for a statement of the consequences, second related link for how to get your license reinstated after suspension. I found both of these at the third related link.

How much will a speeding ticket in Mississippi cost for going 84 in a 65?

I got a speeding ticket right outside of Jackson, MS on HWY 49, going 82 in a 65 zone and my ticket was $119. It may be higher or different depending on where you are. City limits usually cost a lot higher than other places.

How much is a speeding ticket in West Virginia?

That would depend on the number of miles per hour above the limit, the area in which you were speeding (school zone, construction area), and possibly other factors.

Does Alabama report speeding tickets to Georgia?

Alabama does report speeding tickets to the state which the person receiving the ticket is licensed in. If you can take care of the matter in Alabama, by paying any fines or other requirements, you may be able to get the ticket dismissed so that it doesn't affect you in Georgia.

If a California driver receives a speeding ticket in Wisconsin will it reflect on the Wisconsin record if you move to that state?

Absolutely! The only state that does not have respiratory is Massachusetts. Wisconsin uses tickets in ANY state (minus MA.) on your record. Your record in California remains active also and will show that ticket. The other common misconception people have is that your record goes away after a few years. It used to. Hard drives going down in price have caused changes there also. Records are now permanent, just like high school!