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What symptoms did you have when you acquired the insurance?

Did you know you EVER had pneumonia?

If no or none, you're OK. If you had "something" you might have a problem.

Even if it is a pre-x - You need to see what the waiting periods are and if you had insurance prior to getting this plan. HMO's don't have pre-x clauses.

Pre-x is a TWO part question - 1. Will you get coverage in the FIRST place.

2. When is the condition covered.

Here's a better explanation of how a group plan must add you on when you marry. It also explains how long they can hold the pre-x clause over you.

Special Enrollment For more information, see Questions and s: Recent Changes in Health Care Law

If you view this on the "web" you will get the hyperlinks to the definitions.

No, it would have to be an actual condition like, "bronchitis," and even then if you haven't had treatment during the lookback period it won't be considered pre-x.

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Q: If you had a CAT scan on your lungs to rule out any serious problems and it shows scar tissue from pneumonia is that a pre-existing condition?
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