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What symptoms did you have when you acquired the insurance?

Did you know you EVER had pneumonia?

If no or none, you're OK. If you had "something" you might have a problem.

Even if it is a pre-x - You need to see what the waiting periods are and if you had insurance prior to getting this plan. HMO's don't have pre-x clauses.

Pre-x is a TWO part question - 1. Will you get coverage in the FIRST place.

2. When is the condition covered.

Here's a better explanation of how a group plan must add you on when you marry. It also explains how long they can hold the pre-x clause over you.

Special Enrollment For more information, see Questions and s: Recent Changes in Health Care Law

If you view this on the "web" you will get the hyperlinks to the definitions.

No, it would have to be an actual condition like, "bronchitis," and even then if you haven't had treatment during the lookback period it won't be considered pre-x.

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Q: If you had a CAT scan on your lungs to rule out any serious problems and it shows scar tissue from pneumonia is that a pre-existing condition?
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Scientific name of pneumonia?

Streptococcus pneumoniae is the scientific name for pneumonia. Pneumonia is a serious condition that can actually lead to death if not treated.

When are you hospitalized for pneumonia?

When the condition is serious enough to require continuous observation.

Can your child die do to having a collapsed lung due to pneumonia?

Yes. This is a serious medical condition.

What diseases did Mother Teresa have in her lifetime?

She had serious heart problems, pneumonia and malaria as well as other ailments.

How serious is double pneumonia?

very serious

What if you have pneumonia and antibiotics can't help you?

Viral pneumonia is a serious condition, precisely because antibiotics do not kill viruses. The treatment is support in hospital, pulmonary therapy, and a long recovery. Good luck.

Is pneumonia a serious disease?

Pneumonia is a serious disease, however it is more serious for elderly people and for those whose overall physical conditions are not good before they catch it. Preventive measures are very important in order to keep pneumonia at bay.

Is sleep apnea a serious condition?

Yes, sleep apnea is a serious condition. What makes it serious? The fact that is may worsen various medical conditions, increase your chance of accidents while driving or working, or other problems.

Where is pneumonia found in this world?

Pneumonia, an serious lung infection, can be found anywhere in the world.

This kid in your class has ammonia will he get better soon?

It is called pneumonia. And though it is a serious condition, if properly treated, the person should be fine in a couple of weeks.

Why can pneumonia lead to serious illness?

Pneumonia is itself a serious illness, particularly if it is in both lungs, or in the elderly or infantile. However, it causes problems because it lowers the lungs' ability to provide oxygen to the bloodstream; less oxygen means less ability to do anything, and no oxygen means usually death within minutes.

Can a dog catch pneumonia?

Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs. Dogs can and do contract pneumonia and it is a very serious condition. Dogs in general have difficulty in fighting off pneumonia and may die or sustain permanent lung damage. They may develop pneumonia as a result of a simple viral infection, that is, a cold, and many veterinarians prefer to treat colds with antibiotics, knowing that they will not affect the course of the primary infection but may prevent pneumonia resulting from a secondary bacterial infection.

Why is hypertension serious?

Hypertension is serious because people with the condition have a higher risk for heart disease and other medical problems than people with normal blood pressure.

Can you recover from pneumonia?

Pneumonia can be a serious, even life threatening, illness but the vast majority of people do make a complete recovery.

Which disease is worse tuberculosis or pneumonia?

It depends on the patient, the patient's condition, and the extent of the condition. Tuberculosis is a disease while pneumonia is a result of disease.Tuberculosis is definitely the more serious disease, is communicable, and can cause significant lung damage. However, mild cases of tuberculosis are often treated with little long-term effect. Pneumonia, while often treatable, can develop from several sources and in fact can be fatal. While neither is preferable, pneumonia would usually be the less severe health problem for an otherwise healthy adult.

What complications can occur with tonic clonic seizure?

Can cause serious medical problems such as trauma to the head and mouth, fractures in the spinal column, pulmonary edema (water in the lungs), aspiration pneumonia (a pneumonia caused by a foreign body being lodged in the lungs), and sudden death.

Today the most serious infectious diseases are influenza and pneumonia?


What is nimonia fever?

Nimonia (pneumonia) fever is the fever that occurs with the lung infection pneumonia. Pneumonia is a serious infection caused by bacteria, virus, or fungus. The fever that accompanies pneumonia is the body's way of trying to fight this infection.

What are some treatments of pneumonia?

Doctors use antibiotics to treat pneumonia caused by bacteria, the most common cause of the condition. Antibiotics have a high cure rate for pneumonia. Your doctor will choose your antibiotic based on a number of things, including your age, your symptoms and how severe they are, and whether you need to go to the hospital. The number of days you take antibiotics depends on your general health, how serious your pneumonia is, and the type of antibiotic you are taking.

What is the serious infection in which fluids collect in the alveoli?

Pneumonia is when fluid collects in the alveoli

Which serious lung infection causes the alveoli to fill up with fluid?


Can you die from Pneumoniae and is it contagious?

Pneumonia is a contagious infectious disease affecting the lungs. With appropriate treatment, mortality is low, but some do die, particularly those who are elderly or have other serious medical problems.

What are problems associated with having your spleen removed?

Serious blood problems! I have a frind who has had that done and she died of serious blood problems!!

Is pneumonia serious?

Depends on your average health. If you're otherwise healthy and not too old pneumonia isn't much to worry about, but if your health is otherwise compromised it can be an issue.

Is pneumonia a respiratory disease?

Yes. It is a very serious diease of the lungs and can result in death.