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Let G = number of glazed donuts
Let G + 2 = number of chocolate donuts (2 more chocolate than glazed)

G + (G + 2) = 10
G + G + 2 = 10
2G + 2 = 10

Subtract 2 from each side of the equation
2G = 8

Divide each side of the equation by 2
G = 4

There are 4 glazed donuts and 6 chocolate donuts.


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There are: 300 calories in 5 glazed munchkin holes 200 calories in 3 chocolate glazed munchkin holes 270 calories in 4 powdered munchkin holes ...all from Dunkin Donuts. For more calorie count info, go to: check out the dunkin donuts website for nutrition and calorie information:

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Where i live it is $1.59 for a small cup. It could cost more or less in other dunkin donut shops.

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It all depends on what kinds of donuts you have. If its filled it will weigh more than plain donuts. In general a dozen donuts will weigh anywhere between 2-4lbs, more if filled and depending on toppings.

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To keep Dunkin's Donuts fresh they can be stored in the box at room temperature. If Dunkin' Donuts are to be kept for more than a few days they can be refrigerated or frozen.

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