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You can install XP at 98 direct. Means there is no requirement to format 98. Go into your computer's BIOS and set the master boot device as the CD ROM drive. Insert the winxp disk and restart. From the screen that appears you should be able to format the Hard drive, convert the file system from FAT32 into NTFS, and install windows XP.

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Q: If you have Win 98 and Win XP how can you remove 98 and format the same drive for XP?
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when in dos, type command:x:\>format x:x = drive letter (this is usually "c")to delete a hard drive boot with a bootable floppy or a win 98 setup disc and write a command format c it wil format then copy the system files and install the windows again.You use the commandFORMAT [driveletter:]where driveletter is the letter of the drive you want to format (usually A: for a floppy or C: for the hard drive).

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