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The answer is 14gpm

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What is flow of water through a half inch copper pipe at 60 psi?


Water flow rate half inch PVC pipe 65 psi?

Water flow rate half inch PVC pipe 65 psi?

What is flow through half inch pipe?

Depends on what's flowing (gas or water or something else) and under how much pressure.

How much water will be delivered from a half inch pipe at 100 psi?

More, depending on how long you allow the flow to flow.

How do electrochemical cells work?

The electrochemical cells work through the electron flow because of the difference in the voltage of the half-cell reactions. The salt bridge completes the circuit through the flow of ions.

What types of materials are good conductors?

Water and metal are the two most well known conductors. They are conductors because they let electricity flow through them. Humans are also conductors because more than half of our body contains water.

Clean a coffee machine?

mix half vinegar and half water and cycle through. it works great!

How many gallons of water flows through half inch pipe?

It depends upon the velocity of flow and thus how much dynamic pressure you have. The length and type of pipe/hose will also contribute to the amount of friction, further reducing the velocity, pressure and available flow at the outlet.

How much water can be pumped through a half inch pipe?

Given enough time the entire ocean could be pumped through a half-inch pipe.

How much water do you lose per day through breathing?

More than half a litre of water is lost through breathing each day

Why as the water falls its speed increases and the area of cross section decreases?

It is explained by mass conservation, and water being an incompressible fluid. Imagine water going through a pipe with varying inside diameters Di's. Water will flow the fastest in the pipe section with the smallest diameter, and will flow the slowest in the widest section of the pipe. The product of the volumetric average velocity of the water flow v, times the cross section area A, is equal to the volumetric flow rate (vol/time) G. G = v∙A If you have a constant volumetric flow rate, if the area reduces to half, the velocity doubles. By the way, if you multiply the volumetric flow rate G by the liquid density ρ, you get the mass flow rate Q, (mass/time). Q = G∙ρ = ρ∙v∙A

If you get 1.5 gallons of water per minute from a half-inch pipe what is the psi?

The PSI is whatever the incoming pressure is from the city water supply. The 1.5 gallons per minute is what the flow restrictor allows to flow from the fixture.

How does the rate of groundwater flow compare with that of moving ocean water or river currents?

Groundwater flow is very slow compared to currents in surface water, generally moving at less then one and one-half meters per day.

How does energy flow through a food chain and food web?

they eat each other but, it only gets half the energy stored

How long to fill a 55 gallon drum from a half-inch water line?

The answer depends on the flow rate or the water pressure, not just the pipe size.

If a tumor in the trachea is removed that was decreasing the trachea's diameter by half the area of the trachea's cross section and the flow of air through it would what?


How many gallons of water flow over the niagara falls per second?

At an average rate of flow, about a half million gallons per second. That's 500,000 gallons. It may be as high as 750,000 gallons per second during high water flows.

Why do areas close to the great lakes have so many large cities?

it is quick water instead of going through half of Canada for water

You are food for me When your days are through Put me in water And I get food for you Cut me in half And one becomes two?

A worm!

What happens to nearly half the precipitation after it leaves the atmosphere?

After the water leaves the atmosphere half it falls to the earth and becomes groundwater, (water under the ground). And the other half is absorbed by plants. When the plants start to lose water from under their leaves through tiny holes called pores, this step is the next step in the water cycle. This step is called "Condensation".

What are the three types of data flow?

the three types of data flow are: simplex,half duplex and full duplex

What would cut the mississippi river in two?

A levee might be used to cut the Mississippi River in half. A levee is a retaining wall that regulates the flow of water in the river.

How does a diode act as a half wave rectifier?

Diode only permits current flow in one direction. In AC the current waveform reverses for half the cycle. Since current won't flow for 1/2 the cycle you get half-wave rectification.

Is ophiuchus a water sign?

Ophiuchus is a half water and half fire sign.

How much liquid is in half a liter of water?

half a litre of water is 500ml