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No, you dont, as long as your hymen is already broken.

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Q: If you have a already broken hymen before youtr first time do you still bleed for your first time?
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Is my wife a virgin even if she didn't bleed during our first intercourse?

The idea that a woman will bleed during first intercourse is not necessarily true. From what I know, if the hymen has already been broken, bleeding will not happen. The hymen may be broken through many every day activities, such as vigorous sports. It may also be broken if your wife uses tampons rather than pads.

Can you get pregnant if you haven't got your period?

You can get pregnant before the first time you bleed because you ovulate before you bleed and that is when you can get pregnant.

Are you supposed to bleed for a few days after your first time?

no you already pregnant lol

Do you count your cycle from the first day you bleed?

Yes. Your cycle begins on the first day you bleed and ends the day before you start bleeding again.

If I don't know if my hymen is broken and i don't want to bleed during the intercourse can i pop it before?

You may or not all ready have a broken hymen and not know it. They tear for many reasons. It is also not guaranteed that you will bleed your first time. I think you are worried about something you don't need to worry about. I would suggest you worry more about who you will give your first time to. This is really special and when you waste that event it is something you will never get back the rest of your life.

Is the hymen of your virgin girlfriend still intact if She can insert things of 13 cm and will she bleed at her first time?

Her hymen might already have been broken. It is possible if she has taken severe vaginal damage or has been a part of rigorous athletic training.

When the hymen is broken howlong does bleeding take place?

You bleed a little at first and then you can be spotting for a couple of days. It differs from girl to girl.

Will a virgin bleed the first time how?

A virgin will bleed during sexual intercourse unless her hymen is already penetrated. If the hymen is not penetrated the girl may bleed and have discomfort but it will not at all be alot of blood. the pain will go away eventually after the hymen is penetrated.

Is it possible for a gynecologist to tell if you are a virgin or not?

Yes, a Dr. can tell if you are a virgin. Females have what you call a hymen, and if it is broken the Dr. knows that your not a virgin. During your first sexual experience, the hymen is broken, and that's why you bleed.

If you bleed after sex for the first time does that mean that the cherry has been popped?

well .... I've never had sex before but from what i heard when you first have sex (for the first time) you bleed meaning you lost your virginity so yea that means you popped your cherry

Can implantation happen 2 days before your period?

Yes. And as far as I know, it can happen until 12 hours before you first bleed.

Do all virgin girls bleed during first time sex?

Not always. Even if you've never "done the deed" with a guy before, you might have broken your hymen some other way. Like masturbating, riding a bike, ect. It's also possible that you never had a hymen at all. Some females were born without them. Hope this helped =)Not always,sometimes the hymen has already been broken due to using tampons or masturbation.Um...I'm pretty sure it dpeneds on the person. I didn't bleed my first time...but my best friend did. So, it's all in your body make-up.Your question was does everyone bleed on their first time. The answer is no. Everyone does not bleed on their first time.AnswerYou may bleed a little, or you may not bleed at all. Every woman is different. Some bleed a little and some don't bleed at allMany females that have sex for the very first time may bleed. Some may not bleed. Toying & horse riding are some reasons why a woman may not bleed during sex because her hymen was already broken do to those activites.Healthy girls who are in their reproductive years, usually menstruate (bleed from their vagina) about once every 28 days, unless they are pregnant. This is a completely normal process, and one in which almost every woman will become familiar with.The vagina can also bleed if there is injury to it. If it is cut or traumatized in some way, it can also cause bleeding. This is not normal and should be evaluated by a doctor.I didn't bleed the first time, but the secon and third time i did.I didn't my first or second time.. But third time i didI didn't my 1st, 2nd, or 3rd time.I have been having sex for 3 years and I have never bled from sexual intercourse. Some girls just don't bleed. :)sometimes. i had sex with 4 virgins when i was young. 2 bled. quite normal i thinkTrue for some, not for all. Not all have the hymen intact and if they do it might not bleed when it breaks. Some spotbleeds for a couple of days after. It's all very individual.Alot of the time, yes. It depends on if the hymen is broken. If it's been broken before, from biking or tampons or something, you would be less likely to bleed. If you still have your virginity, then yes, when the hymen is broken, more than likely it will bleed a little.Nope! Bleeding can be because she's dry or nervous and not excited enough. Bleeding is not a sign of virginity. Ppl believed that in the olden days but today we know more.yes they do bleed on first time sex my girl friend did and it was horible at the star then she wanted more2) No. Its a myth that all virgins bleed the first time they have intercourse. The first few attempts at intercourse may be a little painful as your vagina adjusts to this new exercise. But don't expect to "Prove" your virginity by bleeding a lot. After all, intercourse and childbirth are the 2 things the vagina was designed for.If you do bleed it should just be a small amount. The vagina has a small scrap of flesh partially covering it called the hymen. The hymen does have an opening in it already -- otherwise you couldn't have your menstrual periods. Using tampons, vigorous exercise, or masturbation can all remove the rest of your hymen. Then you won't have any bleeding.In the first answer, the initial intercourse may have been too rough. Go to the doctor if you have excessive bleeding (more than 1 pad full). Take things slow and easy with your first intercourse. You may want to use a female lubricant too.If her hymen is unbroken before her first time, she will bleed some. The hymen is little more then a layer of skin that will break during a woman's first time if it hasn't broken previously, but the thickness and strength of the hymen varies from one woman to another, and on the thinner end, something as simple as a slip on ice could break it.Some Do, Some Don't. It Depends If She Has A Hymen ; Not All Girls Are Born With Them. SomeTimes Girls' Hymens Dont Break, So There's A Chance That They Will When They Do It For The First Time.Some Do, Some Don't. It Depends If She Has A Hymen ; Not All Girls Are Born With Them. SomeTimes Girls' Hymens Dont Break, So There's A Chance That They Will When They Do It For The First Time.Not necessarily. The normal cause of bleeding during a first sexual act is tearing of the hymen, which is a thin tissue stretched across the entrance to the vagina. However, it is very common for the hymen to become perforated sometime during her life before her first sexual encounter. Vigorous activities such as gymnastics, horseback riding, or even a hard fall can be enough to tear it.Very often bleeding occurs as the hymen is broken but not every girl experiences this.

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