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If you have a big big crush on a boy and you are a tom boy and he likes girly girls should you change for him or not?


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Answer NO if he doesn't like you for you than he's not for you. You shouldn't have to change for anybody. If he wants you to change or be something you're not than you deserve better cause he's basically saying he likes you but would like you more if...


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You should act like yourself. So if your girly, then yeah.

they could be girly girls it all depends on their personality.

I think he like Girly Girls ( slutty girl kids ) I bet some girly girls hate him.

I think it kinda depends on the guy. Like if he hangs out with more girly girls and talks to them more then that is probably who he likes, but if he will go out and play sports with girls he most likely is more into them. The relationship is completely different though so you will want a guy that is in to girly girls if you are girly and it's the same with tomboys. Trust me it is not fun being a girly girl in a relationship with a guy that is more into tomboys. And don't change for a boy to like you.

he like tomboys and girly girls and he is single too

he kinda likes girly girls but kinda likes tom boys

Tomboys aren't like girly girls and they don't want to get with them it is just that girly girls and tomboys have different interest.

Most men prefer girly girls because they are the sweet type of girls. personally I prefer girly girls because it makes me more masculine.

It really depends on the boy. Some like girly-girls while others like the tomboys.

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he likes girly girls and tom boys I don't think he's into girls. His voice hasn't even changed yet.

It depends on the boy. Boys can have different types of girls they like. Some boys like tom boys and some like girly girls.

First you have to be all about pink! Try pink outfits! Wear makeup and dress nicely always. Girly-Girls have to care about how they look. So take some time to make yourself pretty. And most importantly DO NOT CHANGE YOUR PERSONALITY! Its just a rumor that girly girls are all 'Like this' and 'Totally that" Hope this works for you!

Girly girls usually wear a lot jewelry and pink.

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The girly girl snobby ones probably dont but some girls do.

If you are a girly girl , Yes If you are a boy ,No

because it's a girly thing to do

depends on the type of girls that they are and what they like to do.

They said they don't have a type of girl, but they like girly girls.

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