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You can't have puppies. The only way to get another puppy is to buy one. Your dogs can't even grow up, they stay puppies all their life.

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Q: If you have a boy and a girl of the same breed and color on nintendogs have puppies?
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Can you have babies in Nintendogs?

Yes, you can. To have a puppy in nintendodogs, you first need to of the same breed of a puppy, a boy and a girl.(Color doesn't matter) Next, feed them MILK. After about a week, you will get puppies.

Can puppies be made on Nintendogs?

Yes you can. You get too dogs of the same breed but different gender. Put a rose on the boy and on the girl. Feed them only milk and dry food. Don't take the girl for walks or anything. You might have a puppy but I don't know.

What age do samoyeds breed?

if you get a girl dog that is not spayed and they are both puppies the male will start wanting to breed immediately.

On Nintendogs can your dogs have pupps?

Yes your nintendogs can have puppies. First get a male and female dog of the same breed. Put ribbons on your girl and a collar on your boy. Feed them only dry food and milk. Take only the male dog on walks. Play every day and repeat. Just know i haven't tried this but go on youtube and ask the same question. Watch one of the videos and it shows puppies!

Is there a cheat code you can use on Nintendogs to make your dogs age?

Hi I don't think so everyone says that they are permantly puppies but they can't be because I've got a baby on nintendogs(beagle,girl)

Can a boy and a girl dog on Nintendogs have babies?

I have just found out after long searching that it is possible to have puppies. Take a boy and a girl of the same breed dog and the boy have the lucky collar and the girl a rose and give them milk and food but that's it, DO NOT PLAY WITH THEM OR TAKE THEM FOR WALKS. BASICALLY ONLY GIVE THEM MILK AND FOOD NOTHING ELSE.

How do you breed on Nintendogs?

you can and this is how they have to be the same breed they barly get into fights and feed them milk and dry food have a rose on the girl and cant take none of them on walks or contests hope it works

Can you breed puppies with a Maltese and a chihuahua?

yes but make sure the girl is having her 2nd heat

Your friends dog had puppies in Nintendogs how do you get your dogs to have to?

1. buy 2 dogs the same breed and color 2. make sure they like each other NO CHASING OR BARKING! 3. ONLY feed them milk and dry food 4. DO NOT WALK THEM OR ENTER THEM IN CONTESTS! 5. each day the female (girl) will get fatter 6. in about a week abbra caddabra! a litter of puppies! on moshi monsters add me as sally1608 charlie~age 8

How do you breed your dogs on Nintendogs?

Buy two dogs one girl and one boy, same breed,they can be any color, give them only milk and dry food, be nice to them, do not take them on any walks, don't enter them in any contests and just pet and play with them gently.By the way you cannot breed cats.

Can Nintendogs have puppies?

No, they cannot. As stated in the instruction booklet that comes with the Nintendogs games, the dogs you own are puppies themselves, and they are not capable of breeding or producing puppies.yes they cankeep two boy and girl in same room 2 ways to get a puppy 1. get 9000 points 2. let them huge 100 times

How do you make your Nintendogs breed?

yes you can and this is how first you need a boy and girl same breed they have to say at the bottom they rarly geet into fights and u need milk and dry food do not give the girl out on walks or contests only the male .

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