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They can't sue you if the $50 a month payment arrangement is something you both agreed on (and if it is, you should have it in writing or at least a contact name and number). If, however, you're delinquent and the bank wants its money, they have the right to sue. If you have no formal payment arrangement, call the bank, let them know you're doing your best to honor the debt and see if they'll set up a payment arrangement with you. In the end, the bank just wants its money; it's better for them to work with you rather than try to collect on what you don't have. When you sign up at a bank, you sign what's termed a depositor's agreement. That agreement is a contract. To the extent you break any term of that agreement, the bank has a cause of action and they can file suit. However, in reality, I'd be surprised if a legitimate financial institution would go that far for $500. You are likely to be contacted by a bank employee or local law firm threatening such action to encourage you to pay them. You might also be on the hook for additional fees, so it is best to pay it off as quickly as possible, even if you have to use a credit card with a high interest rate. Then you could pay the credit card at a more palatable pace.

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Q: If you have a checking account with a negative 500.00 balance for a long period of time can your bank sue you even if your making fifty dollar payments a month to get it slowly paid back?
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What is the term used for a negative checking account balance?

"Overdrawn" is the common term used to describe a negative checking account balance.

Why is my checking account showing a large negative balance?

It will be closed do not owe that amount

How can a checking account be a liability?

Only a liability if there is overdraft protection in which case the balance can go negative.

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Can you close a checking acc when you have a neg balance?

Can a checking account be closed when you have a neg balance

What is usually the largest single account in the overall balance of payments?

The largest single account in the overall balance of payments is, for most countries, the current account.

Will having a negative balance in an unused checking account affect your credit rating?

Yes it will have an effect. It still has your name on it.

What is a basic balance?

A basic balance is the net balance of the combination of a current account and a capital account in a balance of payments.

How do you find out your account balance on your checking account?


Balance of payments deficit?

A balance of payments deficit means there is an imbalance in the balance of payments of a country where the payments the country makes are more than the payments they received. It means the balance of payments is negative. A balance of payments deficit is,when government expenditure is more than government revenue

How can you monitor your checking account balance?


If you have a checking account with a negative balance for over six months what can the bank do?

The bank will probably close your bank account because you have had a negative balance for more than 6 months. This will also hamper your credit history and the future chances of you getting a bank account with them or any other bank.

How do you solve balance of payments problem?

by checking the dollor rate we can solve it .

What is the difference between a current balance and an available balance on a checking acct?

The account balance will reflect any payments made into the account providing the account is on real time banking. So if you pay in any cheques the account balance will reflect this. The available balance will take into consideration any earmarks on the debit card which are due to debit and also any cheques you may have paid in that are at the moment still uncleared on the account.

Which type of checking account pays interest on the mean balance of the account during a particular cycle?

Average balance account

What type of checking account pays interest on the mean balance of the account during that particular cycle?

Average Balance account

What amount of money in a checking or a savings account upon which interest is based?

The amount of money in a checking or a savings account is the balance. The interest is usually based on the balance.

Check your account balance by account number?

Yes it is account nmhkljuopl

If your name is on a checking account with someone else and she passes what happens to the balance on the checking account?

It depends on your relationship to the deceased and if there was a will.

Is the amount of money in your checking account called your allowance?

No, the proper banking term is balance for an amount in a checking account.

Do you get a balance if you're not joint on a checking account?

If you are not listed as a signer on the account you should receive absolutely no information about that account, including the balance.

What is the average checking account balance in the US?

a grand

Is it correct to say do not leave large balance in checking account?

That is close to being correct, but not quite. A better phrasing would be, do not leave a large balance in your checking account.

Should interst earned on a checking account be added to the checking account balance?

There is a way to earn interest on a checking accounts and can be added to the account. You will have to back through a credit union.

What is the minimum balance needed for a checking account at Bank of America?

I think it is US $ 500 for a simple checking account. The bank would give you an ATM card and a check book for this account. However if you arrange to have a Direct Deposit (Your Monthly Salary/paycheck) into this account Bank of America waives this minimum balance requirement and you can have it as a Zero-Balance checking account.