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A federal conviction found in the NCIC may in some states be discovered during a background check. States that defer to the federal NICS check may not find any such conviction. However, states like Oregon that run independent searches will find any NICS, NCIC and a few other data bases convictions.

2006-10-21 22:05:48
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Is resisting arrest a crime Do i have to put yes on a job application when they ask Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

Yes, resisting arrest is a crime. If the conviction occurred a long time ago and you have not had any trouble with the law since then, many states have a process that allows the old conviction to be 'expunged' or sealed. The conviction will show up during any thorough background check, even if it is expunged. Bummer. You are better off the admit it and explain it than have the record appear during a formal background check.

Can a convicted felon work for US Department of Veterans Affairs?

The answer is, it depends. The major variables are what you were convicted of, how long ago the conviction was, and (probably most importantly) whether or not you are honest about the conviction during the application and hiring process. I have heard of federal employees being terminated after hiring for not disclosing a felony conviction - the conviction itself wasn't the problem, it was the falsifying of the application that led to the problems.

If a father of a child has a felony on their background does that lower the chances of winning joint custody?

The father's felony conviction will most likely come up during the custody case. However, the courts will look at evidence of the circumstance surrounding the conviction, and also whether the father has changed, and is rehabilitated.

How long does a felony stay on your record in the state of nc?

A felony conviction stays on the public record for 10 years in North Carolina. However, a potential employer can find records from further back during a background check.

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Well, sadly, probably after a DWAI conviction your insurance will find it wise to drop you.

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