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If you have a license in New Jersey but don't drive do you have to pay insurance?


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2005-08-24 03:35:53
2005-08-24 03:35:53

Not if you don't own a car unless your license is dependent on an SR-22 filing.


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There would be no point to that. To answer: No, obviously why would you need insurance if you don't drive a car?

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Do you mean , If you are insured and dont have a license, and you drive? If that is the question, that you are driving without a license you will get in serious trouble, you could be in a license check going down the highway, or be in an accident, you have to have a license to drive legally.

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Your isnurnce will actually go down, not up, because you cant drive with a suspended license and you should cancel your insurance. If you drive anyway, your insurance will not cover you, so dont drive. if you have so many driving problesm just sell your car and take the bus or ride a bike.

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If you have car insurance ,police will never stop you even if you dont have driving license.

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