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It is possible that this is your next period. Only about 10% of women need a D & C after a miscarriage. about 50% of women don't even see a doctor. The later in pregnancy the miscarriage the more likely you are to need hospitalisation. I am so sorry for your loss. I agree that it could be your next period BUT if the bleeding has been constant with no break, I would go back in to see your physician to make sure everything is copasetic. Good luck. Hello, Sometimes after a miscarriage you can bleed for over a week to a month. Bleeding constantly, every day, does need to be investigated though and some bloods should be taken to rule out Anemia.

2006-07-16 20:42:23
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You had a positive pregnancy test and have had diarrhea for a week and just started bleeding a week after the pregnancy test what does this mean?

Unfortunately this sounds like a misscarriage you should see you`re doctor

Been bleeding for 44 days very heavy 15years old what can cause this?

you could have cysts or fibroids which cause excessive bleeding. You should tell your doctor that you need an ultrasound to check it out.

Can heavy bleeding and cramps be something else besides a miscarriage when 3 weeks pregnant?

First are you 100% your are pregnant and if you are then unfortunatly i believe the answer is yes! Beleeding in this early stage of pregnancy in 90% of cases means a misscarriage! If are pregannt there is no reason why you should be bleeding other than a misscarrage! You should go to your doctor or hospital and get checked out as sometimes the bleeding may not stop!

Is light bleeding with clots a sign of ectopic pregnancy?

Not always. Some women who have bleeding have successful pregnancies. However, if you have any bleeding during pregnancy, you should discuss this with your doctor who will monitor hcg or check using ultrasound to monitor the pregnancy.

Is it normal after an ultrasound to bleed a little bit of bright red blood?

Spotting is okay, but period bleeding is bad and if that is your case, you should see a doctor right away.

What can a bleeding nipple mean?

See your doctor, as there should not be any bleeding.

Your anus bleeding what should you do?

See a doctor

What should you do if you are bleeding from your anus?

consult your doctor

When should you contact a doctor if you are bleeding during the first trimester?

Contact your doctor immediately, even if the bleeding is very light.

Will there be anal bleeding if the heat in the body is more?

A fever should not cause anal bleeding. If you are experiencing anal bleeding you should contact your doctor.

What should you take if you have cysts in your ovaries and are bleeding badly?

If you are bleeding badly, you should consult a doctor right away.

What should you do in my spoting while im pregnant?

Any bleeding during pregnancy should be investigated by your Doctor or Midwife. If you have a Early Pregnancy Unit at your Hospital, I would recommend you go there as they can perform an ultrasound to make sure everything is OK.

When should you see a doctor if you have abnormal heavy bleeding with egg sized clots?

You should see your doctor.

You have abnormal heavy bleeding should you have a d c?

That is something the doctor decides and you should discuss it with him. There can be different causes for the bleeding.

You have rectal bleeding what do you do?

If you have rectal bleeding you could be constipated. You should speak to a doctor to get a proper diagnosis.

Doctor thinks I am having a miscarriage but the bleeding has completely stopped now.?

Maybe you should call the doctors office and let them know. Maybe they can give you a blood test or an ultrasound to see if the pregnancy is still good.

When should you contact a doctor when you are bleeding during pregnancy?

right then and there.

How do you know if you're bleeding from your period or pregnant?

If you are pregnant, you should not be bleeding at all, apart from minor spotting. If you are bleeding, and you think you might be pregnant, you should see a doctor.

How long is normal bleeding after hysterectomy?

You should stop bleeding within days to a week or two. If the bleeding is significant (clots) or lasts longer you should call the doctor that did it.

Why is my throat bleeding?

If you are bleeding you should see a doctor instead of asking some random person on the internet.

What are the serious complications and medication after incomplete misscarriage within 3 to 4 weeks?

One complication could be bleeding .Another is infection. If you have had a miscarriage the best thing to do would be go to your doctor. If you don't have a regular doctor you should go to the local emergency room. Infertility or death could result from either of the before mentioned problems that could arise.

What to do for bleeding two days after tooth extraction?

Call your doctor. It should not still be bleeding. If you removed the packing too soon it may have caused this. Call your doctor.

What should you do to keep your colon from bleeding?

Go to the doctor and see what they recommend. There might be an underlying cause as to why it's bleeding.

What should you do if you split your frenulum and its bleeding a little bit?

Call the doctor.

You have anus bleeding and a mass?

This condition should be looked at by a doctor for a diagnosis.