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no, a pimple is a pimple...herpes is herpes.

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If you have vagina pimple outbreak can it transfer to your sex partener?

Depending on whether or not the vaginal pimple is just a pimple and not Herpes or Genital Warts, then the pimple shouldn't transfer to your partner. However, if you have Herpes or Genital Warts, this can be transferred to your partner.

Is a pimple by the mouth a sign of herpes?

It is NOT likely a pimple by the mouth is herpes.

It is a normal to have a small pimple in my vagina?

its a normal to have a pimple in my vagina?

How do you get rid of a pimple in your vagina?

Actually, why would you have a pimple in your vagina? Go see a doctor

Is pimpple on your private arae is herpes?

A pimple on your private area is not herpes.

How do you know if its herpes or a pimple?

If it's on your genitals and you transmit it to your partner it's probably herpes.

What are blisters on lips?

Blisters on the lips can be a cold sore, (Herpes Simplex Virus) a pimple, or the STD, Herpes.

Can herpes cause you to break out in pimples?

No it will not cause a pimple breakout.

Can you get STD when boyfriend lick your vagina?

Cold sores are a form of herpes. If he has a cold sore and his lips touch your vagina, then you can absolutely get genital herpes.

Can you get pimples after licking a girls vagina after she just shaved?

No. You can shave your vagina after licking a girls pimple, though.

Can you get herpes from kissing if your partner has genital herpes?

yes, if the genital herpes is infecting that person's mouth, or if you are kissing their penis or vagina.

If you have several pimple like bumps on your vagina lips what could they be?

I have two pimple like bumps on my vagina ine on the out side that doesnt itch or burn or anything but the one on the inside burns when i pee...wtf?

What does herpes look like on a vagina?

Herpes looks like small round reddish blisters

If someone with herpes touches their self then touches your vagina will you get it?

It is possible to get herpes this way, especially if there is an outbreak.

How do you know if your girlfriend has herpes?

If she has herpes she would have flu like symptoms and ulcerated sores on her vagina.

What is wrong if you have pimples on the lips of your vagina?

Those might not be pimples, they might be herpes. DO NOT TRY TO POP THEM! Make an appointment with a doctor, even if you are not sexually active. what are your effect because it a big dffrence even when it look like a pimple it can be something else pop it will it bleed or do it hurt some type of pimple can come from not having sex

Itchy Pimple like on the mouth lower lip?

It is a form of herpes and IS contagious during an outbreak.

What is a bump with pus between your leg and pelvis called?

Genital herpes, or just a pimple. Depending on what it looks like. Does it look like a pimple ? It could still be genital herpes. Not that I can be onehundred percent sure cuz I dont have any medical experience with said matters at hand.

Can you transmit herpes from mouth to vagina?

Yes, you can transmit herpes from your mouth to someone else's vagina. It's important not to give someone oral sex if you have a cold sore or feel one coming on.

Pimple looking things right above the penis for about 3 months how do i know if it herpes or not?

If the bumps have been unchanged for three months, it's not herpes. Consider warts or molluscum.

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