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If the accident was your fault and your company doesn't have an accident forgiveness policy or you haven't been with your company long enough to qualify for forgiveness then I would highly consider paying out of pocket for the damage. If the accident wasn't your fault then go ahead with the claim. Make sure that you know whether the accident is your fault or not. What an insurance company thinks about fault is often times different than what you think.

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Q: If you have a repair of 800 and a 500 deductible should the claim be submitted or just pay the difference since the insurance premiums will probably go up more than the 300 difference over the policy?
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Universal life insurance premiums tax deductible?

NO. Life insurance premiums would NOT be deductible on your 1040 federal income tax return.

Are life insurance premiums paid tax deductible by a business?


Are long term care insurance premiums tax deductible?

Yes, it is. Long term care insurance premiums are tax deductible. Premium payments are considered to be medical expenses and they are deductible as long as the medical expenses exceed 7.5% of the individual's income.

Is the cost of medical insurance deductible?

Yes. Health insurance premiums are tax deductible to an individual under IRC Section 213(d).

Do you have to pay taxes on premiums for an indivdual life policy?

Life insurance premiums are not tax deductible, in general. However, group life insurance premiums are deductible for a business if the death benefit is $50,000 or less. Also, using key man insurance and executive bonus mechanisms, sometimes there can be some tax advantages. But, the premium is not deductible.

What is an example of a deductible?

A deductible is your "skin in the game" so to speak. A way of reducing insurance premiums is to increase you're deductible, thereby reducing the risk of the insurance company. If you had an insured loss of $1000 and you had a deductible of $250, you would be paid $750 by your insurance carrier.

Are workmans com ins premiums deductible on tax returns?

No, in most cases, workman comp insurance premiums are not deductible on tax returns. You can speak with an accountant to find out more details.

Are disability insurance premiums deductible?

You can pay for your disability premiums pre-tax through payroll deduction. If you do this any benefit will be taxed as well.

Can you deduct cancer insurance from your taxes?

Generally, the premiums are not deductible, and benefits would not be taxable income.

What happens to the premium when the deductible is lowered?

If you increase your deductible you are therefore retaining more of the risk upon yourself and therefore the insurance company will reduce your premiums.

What is the allowable tax deduction for long term care insurance premiums?

The allowable tax deduction from your long-term care insurance premiums depends on your age. The general rule is that the maximum amount of your deductible money is higher if you are older. Check the related link below to check the highest amounts of tax deductible money from long-term care insurance premiums for the year 2014

Is a health insurance rider tax deductible?

I think you maybe using the wrong verbiage here? Usually the term "Health Insurance Riders refers to exclusions for Pre-existing conditions that are excluded from your policy! Do you mean Health Insurance Premiums? Premiums are the amount you pay monthly or yearly to be insured. If you mean premiums they are tax deductible for some people, but deductions all depend on your income level, tax bracket, and several other factors that your CPA should help you with. Because what is deductible for one is not deductible for all!

What is the accounting treatment for key man insurance?

premiums are non income to the individual and non deductible to the business

Are title insurance premiums deductible on your taxes?

Most non-reoccuring closing costs can be deductible on your taxes. Check with your accountant or tax preparer for detailed information.

Is buy sell agreement disability income insurance premiums tax deductible?

No. Also, it is probably not a good idea to try and deduct the premiums for diability or life insurance because if you deduct the premiums or if the employer pays the premiums then any benefits are then taxable. You certainly would not want to have to pay income tax on a large life insurance benefit just because you wanted to deduct a few hundred dollars of insurance premiums.

What is good about a high deductible?

You will have the lowest possible monthly premiums, but will have to satisfy the deductible before any insurance pays out. In some cases, the deductible can be a couple thousand dollars. One has to fully weigh the differences in the long run - it may be cheaper (and cause less headaches) to have a lower deductible insurance plan.

How will your insurance deductible be affected after numerous accident claims?

Your deductible may go up. Most likely though, it will be your premiums that skyrocket. After some time with no claims, costs will lessen.

About what percent of premiums do you pay for high deductible insurance compared to low deductible insurance?

It really is not possible to define that in percentages. But think of it this way, the higher the deductible ( the amount you pay BEFORE the insurance company begins to pay ) the lower the premium. Just do the math, if you are taking a $2,000 deductible over a $1,000 deductible , but you are only saving $200 a year, it is not a good choice. You are basically putting yourself on the hook for potentially another $1,000 in deductible to save $200.

What happens to your deductible or premiums if you have accident claims?

In order to know the answer to this, you would need to contact a custumer service representative at your insurance company.

Do low deductible insurance plans generally cost more than high deductible insurance plans?

Yes. That is how the insurance company makes money. They either charge low premiums and you get higher deductibles and out of pocket expenses, or charge more an give you lower deductibles and out of pocket expenses.

What is a long term disability tax deductible?

Individual long-term disability premiums are not tax deductible, but paid with after-tax money; therefore the benefit will not be taxable. The only disability insurance premiums that are tax deductible are the business expense and overhead DI (BOE/DOE) and Buy-Sell DI, as well as Key-Person DI.

Are aflac premiums taken from your pay deductible?


Should you pay a high or low property deductible for home insurance?

Depends on your financial situation. If you have plenty of money saved to pay a high deductible, you can get a higher deductible and have lower premiums. If you usually do not have a lot of money in savings, a lower deductible would be better so you would be able to come up with the deductible if a claim has to be filed.

Are medical premiums tax deductible?

medicare premiums tax deductable on federal tax form

What are the options for home owners insurance deductibles?

There are many options, each insurance plan is customizable. It depends on personal preferences and risks you are willing to take. Some premiums are offering 500 dollar deductible which would be a more expensive option than a 1500 deductible for example.