If you have a small cavity in a baby tooth that still has roots on it should you fill the cavity or pull the tooth?

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The best thing would be to have a filling put in the tooth. But if the tooth is going to fall out soon, the dentist may recommend pulling it instead. Have it looked at by a dentist and then do what you think is best.
Whatever you do don't pull it out yourself. See a dentist its not that bad, honestly..lol  Fill the Tooth Pulling a baby tooth too early can cause other teeth to move forward and cause misaligned teeth.  
It depends on the age of the child and which tooth it is. If the tooth is about to fall out, then pulling the tooth isn't a bad option. Some "baby teeth" stick around until age 11 or 12 or even 13 sometimes, so if it is a young child, pulling the wrong baby tooth could cause severe misalignment. You really need a dentist's opinion on this matter.

If this is an adult patient with a retained baby tooth, and the adult tooth never came in, well they should probably keep the tooth because there is no "replacement" on the way.
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If your tooth is broken will the dentist pull it fill it or do a root canal?

Possibly a root canal. Or he could put a false half on it. Dentists NEVER "glue back on" the other half. If it is a small"chip" most likely a filling will do it. A larger break willrequire a filling to make the tooth "tooth shaped" again and then acrown. A root canal is only needed if the tooth had ( Full Answer )

How long does it take for a tooth cavity to form?

Answer . The formation of a cavity depends of:. 1- How much sugar is in the diet. 2- The person's hygiene. 3- The person's defense system.. If a person has a low defense system in his mouth, has a poor diet and poor hygiene, a cavity can form within a few weeks.

Describe how a cavity forms in a tooth?

Answer . a hole forms in the enamel. it can be caused by many things. but decay begins and this hole progresses until it eventual reaches a nerve and becomes infected.

How do you pull a loose baby tooth out?

Well, if it's really loose, like bleeding then it's ready. There's lots of things you could do, you could eat stuff, such as, apples and corn on the cob. You could take a tissue and pull it out, this is what I did when I was little. You could also do it the old fashion way, tie a sting 'round you're ( Full Answer )

What causes tooth cavities?

Three things. (1) bacteria, (2) sugar, and (3) location. Bacteria consume the sugar and secrete acids that cause decay on the tooth. There needs to be a location on a tooth that is favorable for this to happen. The two most common sites are just below where teeth contact each other (which is primari ( Full Answer )

What does a tooth cavity look like?

When there is a cavity in a tooth it can look like there is a holein the tooth. The hole in the tooth may also be discolored, eitherbrown, gray, or black.

Wisdom tooth has cavity and infected how do you fix it?

Several factors to consider: 1. Is the tooth important to the patient's ability to chew? 2. Is a restoration likely to increase the functional life of the tooth? 3. Is the decay limited where a restoration will suffice or will a root canal be necessary? 4. Is the patient able to keep the to ( Full Answer )

Is it painful when you get your baby tooth pulled out?

Depending on whether or not you were given novicane. If not, then yes. Some discomfort will be present. Try taking a pain reliever beforehand and afterwards when you get a baby tooth pulled out to lessen the soreness.

Why root fill a tooth?

a root canal is done to remove the infected tissue. dental instruments are not 100% effective in getting it all out, and there are many accessory canals that cant be accessed at all! so to increase the likelihood that the the tooth will not get a recurring infection, it is filled with gutta-purcha - ( Full Answer )

Can you still do a root canal filling when the tooth still has an abscess?

Depending on how bad the infection is, you can get an RCT on an abscessed tooth. Unless the infection is bad enough to where you need to go to the ER either because of excruciating pain or a puss pocket the size of a golf ball, then a dentist can treat the tooth within a few weeks once you begin a r ( Full Answer )

How do you pull a baby canine tooth out?

When i was smaller i had this canine tooth i was trying to pull out it was really annoying cause i couldn't eat the only thing i could eat was yougurt i wiggled it twisted it bent it and one night after i put some toothache thing on it i wiggled it and pulled down on my tooth cause it was on the top ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between normal tooth cavity filling and root canal treatment?

A filling is a way to restore or repair a tooth that has been damaged by decay or a fracture that has not reached the pulp chamber of the tooth. If the damage has reached the pulp chamber (the interior of the tooth where the nerve and blood supply are located) a root canal procedure needs to be don ( Full Answer )

Cavity in tooth physical or chemical change?

The tooth is rotting so it is changing its nature due to the influence of bacteria or the acid secreted by bacteria. If the new material is no longer dentine but the byproducts of decay then it is a chemical change. If the tooth breaks then that is a physical change.

The material the dentists use to fill up the cavities in teeth should have the same coefficient of expansion as the tooth itself what happens if they are different?

All dental filling materials have a different coefficient of thermal expansion than natural tooth structure. Some are closer than others, but none are identical. A couple of things come into play -- one is that teeth flex slightly -- if teeth were totally brittle, and had no "give" they would always ( Full Answer )

Should you get a root canal on a baby tooth?

No. That would just be a waste of time and money. In many cases, you wouldn't even get a root canal on a permanent tooth. You would most likely have it pulled depending on what tooth it is. Just have the baby-tooth pulled since it is going to be pulled someday, regardless.

What to do for a deep cavity and rotted tooth?

Have a dentist fill the cavity with or without a root canal, and while you're there, have him pull that tooth before the infection goes into the jawbone and you have to have part of your jaw removed. The dentist can also show you how to brush and floss your teeth to slow down further tooth damage.

What happens if you get a cavity in a permanent tooth?

I have a cavity on my permanet tooth, and it wasn't treated on the right time , each day the cavity became bigger and evenly came loose. Best thing for the tooth is to pull it out at the dentist.

What do you do about a cavity in a tooth that hurts?

Hopefully, you have dental insurance, at which point, you should request an appointment with your local dentistry office. However, if you don't, it is highly reccommended in my opinion that you go to the Department of Social Services or your local Medicare/Medicaid office and request to be given sta ( Full Answer )

Can every tooth get a cavity?

in theory if you do not take care of your teeth you can get a cavity in every tooth! you can even get more then one on each tooth at once!

How can you see a cavity in your back tooth?

Depending on where the decay is located on the tooth you may not be able to see it. Occlusion caries (cavities on the biting surface) may be able to be seen by looking in a bathroom mirror. However, cavities that are inside the dentin can only be seen using X-rays. If you suspect you have a cavit ( Full Answer )

Should you have your tooth pulled or do a root canal?

It really depends on the situation and preference. Both of these options are not a 100% fix. Pulling the tooth can cause complications where there is no supporting bone structure for the teeth beside the one being pulled. This can cause the teeth to shift and it also has a chance of changing your bi ( Full Answer )

Does it hurt when you have a filling in your baby tooth?

It can. All baby or adult teeth, have a pulp or 'nerve' in them which is where the sensitivity comes from. That's why it's very important to brush baby teeth just as well as adults brush there permanent teeth. Baby teeth have long 'kid' size roots on them, but as adult teeth start to grow and form u ( Full Answer )

How do you loosen or pull a baby tooth?

first take a tissue and dry the tooth first then grab the tooth and wiggle. if its ready to come out then it will but if its not then it wont.

How one can remove cavities of tooth?

I'm no dentist but in these type of circumstances i would seriously consider a dentist to answer this one but the cavity can turn into gingivitis. My sister had a cavity on her tooth, of course she was only 9 so she would lose it. Your teeth or tooth may hurt but you did it to yourself. if you reall ( Full Answer )

How do you open the tooth cavity on Skullduggery Island?

You have to blast off the giant Golden Tooth to reveal the mappiece at the Pirate Outpost. Climb up at the left, cross to the right, and go up to the sailover the Cannonry. There is a "cannon firing kit" (fuses) and asmall barel of explosives. Push the explosives left, down into thewater, and swim t ( Full Answer )

Do you need to get a cavity filled if it is super small?

So early decay doesn't always mean you need a filling. In fact, thedecay often can be reversed. A tooth starts to decay because acidin your mouth causes minerals to leach out of the enamel, and theenamel breaks down. Fluoride therapy, dietary changes and betteroral hygiene habits can reverse this pr ( Full Answer )