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When you cut the tree down the roots will live on and continue to support your slope. Slowly another tree will start to grow. However, if you kill the roots they will eventually rot out and your slope will lose it's support.

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Does grass have roots?

of course

How do trees help in rainwater harvesting?

It helps, by not allowing the water to run as per their capacity, related to slope of the ground, and will sustains the water to be preserved by the roots, in small amount too.

Is a hillside a living thing?

No. The things that live on or in the hillside are living. For example: grass, shrubs, worms, birds, insects or bacteria. The soil is not alive nor is the water that may be in a small stream.

Is a rock more stable on a hillside or a plain?

A plain. On flat ground, the chance of a rock moving is fairly small. On a hillside, any slight force on the rock will cause it to roll down the hill.

Why do you tundra plants have wide shallow roots?

why do tundra plants have small roots

Does the flowers have roots?

Yes, flowers have roots. It just doesn't look like it because trees have gigantic roots compared to a small plants roots.

A small slope on a velocity vs time graph indicates a small acceleration?


Are a cactus's roots big or small?

you have to look at the cactus small big

Small plants that do not have stems and roots?


Why are nonvascaulr roots so small?

because it is

Flatter lines have a?

Slope or gradient that, in absolute terms, is small.

Is it true that a small slope on a velocity vs time graph indicates a small acceleration?


A small slope on a velocity vs time graph indicates a small acceleration true or false?

It depends on whether it is a positive slope or a negative slope. If the velocity increases as time goes on, yes the particle is accelerating. If the velocity decreases as time goes on, it is decelerating.

Do fibrous roots gather water from a small area?

Yes, because fibrous roots are not so deep rooted and diversified as tap roots.

Can you get braces if you have small roots?

Yes, with the way braces are designed now, anyone can get braces if they need them. They will still work the same and do the job even if you have small roots.

What is Slope overload noise?

Slope overload distorsion - is caused by use of step size delta which is too small to follow portions of waveform that has a steep slope. Can be reduced by increasing the step size. Granular noise - is caused by too large step size in signal parts with small slope. It can be reduced by decreasing the step size.

What is mean by slope in science graph?

It means the steepness of the line (which could actually change as you go along the line). Imagine a drawing of the outline of a hill. It starts level (flat, = zero slope) and starts to turn upwards with increasing slope, flattens off at the top (zero slope there) and then goes on with increasing negative slope as you continue down the other side. So the lines on graphs are described in a simliar way. The value of the slope is calculate by the small distance you go up or down for a small distance traveled sideways, divided by that small distance sideways.

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Does a big ball or a small ball role down a slope?

Both of them

What tree types of small fish are companiable?

small fis that hide in the roots of these trees

What type of root does a pansy have?

A pansy has roots that are very thin and delicate. The main root has small roots that branch out from it. The roots in t pansy grow quickly.

What trees have long roots?

Yes, in some trees roots will be long and in some there will be small. I will be depending on there nature or size.

What does small mammals eat?

Small mammals mainly eat roots and leaves and some insects.

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have thorns,roots,small leaves