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I don't see why, legally. Tattoos are not unsanitary. However, some high-class places may be finicky. Just cover it during your interview.

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what is the tuition of becoming a chef?

What are the prospects for a chef What are the prospects for a chef

the possible advancements can be: becoming the head chef, to make more money..and etc.

Just go to a soup kitchen and ask for a chef job then you start and you get paid 17000

can you cook? if so then your a chef :) now just find a company to cook for and your a chef for them, so if your a chef then you can cook and if you can cook then your a chef but if your not a hired as a chef your just a cook so if you think about it your not a chef your a cook until when you get hired then your no longer a cook your a chef but not for yourself because then you'd be a cook but now your a chef for them... not a cook

The average culinary chef makes around 50,000 dollars a year. Further training can result in a chef becoming a head chef or an expert in a certain field like a dessert chef.

You can find printed information that you can order in bulk about becoming a professional chef on the following website: They have great info.

Chef is the french word for chief. A person in charge of a kitchen could be called a chef without having the paperwork to hang on a wall, however the chances of becoming a chef increase greatly if you apprentice and study under a chef with his red seal.

There are many ways to make a treble chef tattoo more unique, as it is difficult to describe, here are some sources showing possible variations: YouTube, Tumblr, Slo Dive, Buzzle, Creative Fan, Steal Her Style.

If you want to pursue a culinary career without becoming a chef, you could maybe become a culinary school teacher.

yes he does he has a tattoo of a chef on his left arm he showed on kids choice awards 2008.

Her knowledge of gastronomy aided her in her pursuit of becoming a chef.

probably a Seattle or new york college

Becoming a personal chef can be very difficult. You have to catch a break at some point. It usually takes at least five years of experience.

there are many requirements in becoming a chef. you need to have people skills in order to communicate with your staff. you also do need to know basic math. the the most important requirement is to be able to cook food and not burn it or make it tough!<lol!

There are two advantages to becoming a chef. First, people will actually pay you to prepare food for them. Chefs are seldom out of work. Second, you will also be able to prepare your own food really well, since you will be an expert. Bon appetite!

Likely the best part of becoming a chef is the pleasure that it gives people. Preparing a meal that people greatly enjoy is a great benefit.

there are many risk with becoming a chef .. cuts, burns, slips, falls, lack of sleep, stress, fires, customer complaints ...and so on

STEP 1: Research the Field STEP 2: Decide If Becoming a Chef Is Right for YouSTEP 3: Get the Education and Skills You NeedSTEP 4: Look for Chef Jobs and Apply STEP 5: Become Indispensable

to prevent the cooker or chef from burning his or hers hands.

If you are in high school and plan on becoming a chef you should take chemistry, culinary arts, food service, and food nutrition.

The Institute for culinary arts in Cape Town is a good one. Otherwise, if you are in Johannesburg, the University of Johannesburg also offers a good course on becoming a chef.

honest,punctual,need & clean honest,punctual,need & clean

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