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No, only pre-petition debts may be discharged in a bankruptcy.

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Q: If you have already filed bankruptcy but have not been to your hearing yet can you add a medical bill that has just happened to the bankruptcy?
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What is the medical term meaning hearing loss?

Hypoacusis is the medical term meaning hearing loss.

Can you add medical bills to an existing Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Yes, you can amend your bankruptcy, usually for a fee that is passed on to you from the court. You should contact your attorney to add your medical bills before you bankruptcy is discharged and to reconfigure your bankruptcy plan.

Is the common medical term for hearing -cusis?

-cusis is the medical terminology combining form meaning hearing.

Has geritom medical filed for bankruptcy?

Geritom Medical, Inc in MN has not filed for bankruptcy. we just hired more pharmacy techs. this past week.

What does the medical abbreviation hoh mean?

HOH in medical terms means hard of hearing.Hard of hearing.

When fiilng can you put medical bills on a bankruptcy?

Yes but to be totally informed talk to a bankruptcy lawyer.

What is the medical term meaning hearing specialist?

An audiologist is a hearing specialist.

Can you wear hearing aids to pass a DOT medical test?

No, you can't use hearing aids to pass a DOT medical exam.

What is a non medical specialist in hearing?

An audiologist is a trained specialist in hearing who is not a physician.

What does the medical terminology combining form -cusis mean?


What is the medical term meaning pertaining to hearing?

Acoustic means pertaining to hearing.

What is the medical term meaning an instrument to measure hearing?

An audiometer measures hearing.

What is the medical term meaning difficulty in hearing?

Hearing loss. Dysacusis is a word made out of medical terminology parts, but isn't used in primary care.

Can a medicail bill for a veterains hospitail be charged off in chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Medical bills can be discharged through a bankruptcy.

Are there any websites to purchase cheap medical devices (hearing aids)?

You can find affordable medical devices and hearing aid products online very easily. Visit for hearing aids and replacement parts. For a general medical device site visit

Can medical bill included in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

yes it is

Can you claim bankruptcy for medical debt?

Yes, but you must list all debts, not just medical debts.

What is the medical term meaning hearing?


What medical term for specialist who evaluates hearing loss?

The person you go to to get your hearing evaluated is an audiologist.

What preparations are necessary before using a hearing aid?

a medical exam and a hearing evaluation. (Most states prohibit anyone selling a hearing aid until the patient has been examined by a physician to rule out medical problems

Why does bankruptcy occur?

Bankruptcy can happen to anyone and it can be caused by several factors. Divorce, lawsuits, job loss, medical bills, and business failure can all be cause for bankruptcy. Visit my profile/site For more bankruptcy information.

Can court ordered dependent medical bills be included in a bankruptcy?


Can you file bankruptcy after 6 years on medical bills?

Do you mean 6 years after receiving a discharge in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or are you referring to medical bills that are six years old? If you've already received a discharge in a Chapter 7, you must wait 8 years between filing. If the bills are 6 years old, they may be too old to collect because of the statute of limitations, but you can still discharge them.

What are the benefits of digital hearing aids?

If you are hard of hearing or deaf to some extent, elderly and struggle with hearing or have some medical problem, then a digital hearing aid will help you with some audio tasks.

What is the medical term meaning study of hearing?

AUDIOLOGY. The method of measuring the hearing is called AUDIOMETRY.The science of hearing is known as AudiologyAcoustic