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That would depend on what your eating disorder is, if it is that you are prone to overeating, it is going to be difficult to lose weight, on the other hand, if you have a eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia, you will lose weight.


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You can lose or gain weight. An eating disorder could be you don't eat at all or you eat too much, such as seeking food for comfort.

Yes, however this is almost never recommended. Vomiting to lose weight is a serious eating disorder called Bulimia.

you lose it in a healthy way. you don't let it take over your life, and you don't get obsessed. you lose weight just to be healthy, not thin.

Yes and No. If you do have binge eating disorder and want to lose weight, you should try to eat a stable diet without binging for a couple of weeks before exercising. If you cant do this talk to a doctor.

a eating disorder is really unhealthy for the body and once youve gain so much weight its gonna get hard to lose a few pounds

Almost certainly yes. A disorder means a lack of order. Eating regularly and healthily is order, starving by choice is disorder. It's as simple as that.

No. Eating chalk does not help you to lose weight.

This doesn't sound like an eating disorder (unless the friend is bingeing/purging) . It sounds like depression. When someone is depressed, they often gain weight and don't have the energy to lose the weight that they want to.

Example sentence - We were concerned about his weight and whether or not he had an eating disorder.

If your trying to LOSE WEIGHT you shouldn't sit after you are done eating, you should exercise after your done eating. If you sit after your done eating it is NOT good for your body! You can not lose weight by sitting after eating! Hope this helped<3

Starving to lose weight is very dangerous. A person can lose weight rapidly, but it comes with a great health toll and can be fatal. It is also a sign of the eating disorder anorexia. Doing so, the weight is often regained very qickly once normal eating is restored. The best and proper way to lose weight would be with moderate diet and exercise.

You need to see a psychiatrist to be evaluated for an eating disorder.

Pop singers and other celebrity's lose weight usually by hiring a fitness trainer and eating healthily as well as working out at the gym. Some celebrities also lose weight unhealthily by developing an eating disorder like anorexia or bullimia and some also loose weight by suffering from malnutrition but it's not just celebrities and pop stars who suffer from eating disorders anyone can!.

Starvation is not a good weight loss tactic; you're better off eating healthy and exercising regularly. "Trying" to get an eating disorder is not the way to go.

Not in and of itself, but fear of food and eating (and potentially gaining weight from eating such foods) can be a key sign to an eating disorder.

It depends on the individual and the severity of the disorder. The more calories are restricted and the more exercise is done, the faster a person will lose weight. But anorexia is a very dangerous eating disorder and not a safe or long-term method for weight loss. Proper diet and exercise are better options to stay healthy, and also to keep the weight off and to avoid future health problems that an eating disorder can bring.

"Anorexia Nervosa is a dangerous eating disorder in which a person starves themselves in a desprate attempt to lose weight."

Definitely, unless medicated, then weight gain is more likely.Weight is lost through curbed eating patterns and loss of appetite.This is more prevalent in bipolar disorder.

Well, if a person is overweight and being in that state could affect their health in the long run, it is mandatory that they lose weight as soon as possible. However, trying to lose weight can also bring upon eating disorders, anorexia, and many other eating disorder illnesses.

yes. Eating disorders aren't actually about weight but more about control. The weight loss can become the focus, but with regards to bulimia and binge eating disorder, it's more of a way to deal with emotions.

EDNOS, also known as Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. Strict dieting and wish to lose weight are symptoms of anorexia, binge eating and possible throwing up to keep the weight off are the symptoms of bulimia.

Fear of eating and gaining weight is a common sign / symptom of an eating disroder.

Well she develops an eating disorder and begins exercising vigorously and trying to lose weight.

Not eating can cause weight loss, but it is a very unhealthy way to lose weight. Eating healthy foods and smaller portions will have a safer outcome.

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