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obsessive compulsive over eating

Binge-eating disorder

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This doesn't sound like an eating disorder (unless the friend is bingeing/purging) . It sounds like depression. When someone is depressed, they often gain weight and don't have the energy to lose the weight that they want to.

They are often obsessed with food even though they aren't eating it

it is anorexia. Kaylie suffers from it. It something where she doesnt eat

Jo is obsessed with her weight and starves herself to reduce it.Sun Li is obsessed with eating and binges on food even when she is not hungry.Susan is obsessed with arranging her kitchen dishes and repeats this 10 times a day.

A poor body image means that you wish your body was differently shaped than the body you observe when you look in the mirror. To some people, this can lead to a change in eating behavior. You can have a poor body image (think you are ugly while you are not) but never develop an eating "disorder". But some people get too obsessed with changing their body. So obsessed even that it gets in their way of every-day life and it's suddenly called a disorder.

It wont have enough energy or food to survive... ...Dont try to hae an eating disorder... But if its overweight, it doesnt =3

Why is what considered an eating disorder

Anyone who has the symptoms of the eating disorder

There is an actual eating disorder known as binge eating disorder (BED), and compulsive over-eating disorder, which is tied in with a food addiction problem.

Yes, Binge Eating Disorder (also called Compulsive Overeating) is an eating disorder as listed in the DSM-IV.

It is literally called Binge Eating Disorder & is an eating disorder like Anorexia Nervosa & Bulimia Nervosa.

you lose it in a healthy way. you don't let it take over your life, and you don't get obsessed. you lose weight just to be healthy, not thin.

An eating disorder with binge eating is bulimia nervosa.

Yes it can. If you start counting calories it's easy to get obsessed by it. In order to gain weight, or loose it, you don't need to do that.

Actually, you can be born with an eating disorder. It is statistically shown that almost 95% of women are prone to developing an eating disorder, but some may be born with a chemical imbalance, causing an eating disorder.

anorexia nervosa bulimia nervosa binge eating disorder orthorexia fatorexia pica purge eating disorder bigorexia (muscle dysmorphia)

It is known as 'B.E.D', or 'Binge Eating Disorder' (also called Compulsive Overeating). It is an official eating disorder listed in the DSM-IV.

Any eating disorder can be fatal is the eating habit is continued for a prolonged period of time. One in five people who have an eating disorder, die from it.

No. This behavior doesn't meet DSM criteria for an eating disorder

Demi had an eating disorder because she was bullied and depressed.

Tharun Rameshbabu has an eating disorder