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No, it is illegal, you need to drive with an license driver over the age of 25.

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Q: If you have an instructional permit can you drive in your neighborhood by yourself?
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Can you drive a car with a trailer on a instructional permit as long as you have a parent in the car with you?

No, the provisional license is good for the instructional vehicle ONLY.

Are you allowed to drive within a neighborhood without a permit in North Carolina?

Yes it is allowed for a person to drive around in a neighborhood to practice with or without a leaners permit or with or without a drivers license in North Carolina

Can you drive to school with an instructional permit with a 18 year old passenger in Arkansas?

Yes but it has to be your brother or sister

Can you drive with an Instructional Permit in Georgia with more than one passenger in the car and with a child in the car?


Can you drive by yourself with a driving permit?

No, unless you want to be arrested.

Can you drive to work in the state of mass with a permit?

Not by yourself, you can't.

Can a person with an instructional permit be a designated driver?

by law, a person who has a instructional permit can not drive without a parent or someone over the age of 21 with a license in the passengers seat.Additional: If your accompanying license holder should happen to be intoxicated you cannot operate the motor vehicle or be a "disignated driver."

How old does one have to be to get a driver's permit or a driver's license in the state of Florida?

15 for a learners permit and 16 to drive by yourself

How old do you need to be to drive in Alaska?

In Anchorage, Alaska you must be fourteen to get a drivers permit, and sixteen to legally drive by yourself.

If you are holding a learner license to whom can you give Lift?

If you have an instructional permit, you must be with someone who has at least 3 years of driving experience at all times in order to drive.

If you are a visitor in california and under 18 years old you may drive in california with your home state license or instructional permit for how many days?

premited 10 days

In the state of Alabama can you drive your boyfriends car to work by yourself without being on his insurance policy you only have a learners permit?

depending on the exact type of permit, you are not allowed to drive alone anyways